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Heard about our other packages?

Support the personal development of your staff with our wider online training options, including CPD accredited safeguarding and compliance courses.

Help your teams to cope during a crisis, reduce stress and manage everyday challenges. 
- Share a wide range of quick, impactful courses
- Training fits into busy schedules
- Helping staff improve resilience

Help staff create a secure learning environment and meet their CPD requirements. 
- 7 distinct child safeguarding courses 
- Frequently updated with the latest DfE guidelines
- Quick refresher courses for experienced staff

Help your staff refine their knowledge and prepare for the latest challenges.
- Health & hygiene courses, GDPR training and more 
- Help staff stay up to date with the latest legislation
- Quick refresher courses 
- Access to Safeguarding Complete

Our 'Choose your own' package lets you pick from our library of thousands of courses, to build a package perfect for your team.
- Pick a programme of 20 courses
- Our experts will help you find the perfect courses
- Unlimited access for 12 months