Circumstances change, priorities shift. Discover how we can support your organisation through restructuring and redundancy with our leading modular outplacement support.

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Career Transition Services


Circumstances change, priorities shift. Discover how we can support your organisation through restructuring and redundancy with our leading modular outplacement support.

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What you need to know about career transitions

When it comes to leading an organisation through restructuring and redundancies, having the right outplacement programme in place is crucial. As your leadership partner, we’re ready to provide the support you need to help employees transition through this change.

Our career transition services give your organisation access to tried-and-tested modular outplacement support, including one-to-one career coaching, group workshops and skills and personality testing. Having this support in place not only ensures that you’re doing the right thing by your employees, but also provides a smooth transition for your organisation in times of change, helping to maintain productivity and morale.

A personalised experience
Leverage one-to-once coaching sessions and tailored group workshops delivered either in-person or remotely by accredited professionals. Bring the best out of your teams, identifying competencies, navigating career changes and ensuring everyone is prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Committed to doing the right thing
We believe in shared success. Our social value engagement projects enable us to make a difference together. Community-based workshops, including resident engagement programmes and employability skills training for young people ensure we are all prepared for a more complex world of work.

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  • The support you need

    Change is a time of upheaval and uncertainty – it’s reassuring to work with a partner who can share lessons learned and insight gathered from similar experiences.

  • A safe space

    We act as a partner to your organisation and an extension of your Human Resources team, providing support to professionals and helping you improve processes for the future.

  • Efficient and effective

    We adopt a modular approach that enables us to stay agile. We can design, implement and refine programmes for organisations of all kinds, from a FTSE 100 company to a charity or public sector body. Whatever your challenge, we can build the solution you need.


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Our services can help any organisation going through restructuring, downsizing, transformation or a merger, by providing support to employees at risk of redundancy, outplacement or redeployment.

Training, guidance and coaching can be put in place for any employee who needs to seek a new position, whether they’re undertaking internal interviews, thinking about a career change, considering self-employment or looking for a leadership role.

Engaging our services can enable organisations to keep on good terms with outgoing employees, enhancing their reputation and signalling to existing employees that they will be cared for, which helps to maintain morale and loyalty.

For employees, our services can mitigate stress and worry about the impact of career transition on their life, family and finances. They can also provide time and space for self-reflection, as well as an opportunity for growth and development, allowing people to seek new opportunities or make a career change.


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