Wellbeing training for education employers

Our Wellbeing staff training courses and Learning Management System are completely free for all education employers. Our way of giving back to a community of teachers and support staff who give their all to help children and young people learn and grow. These courses will help your staff take simple steps towards improving their mental health and resilience, decreasing stress, thereby increasing the likelihood of staff retention.

• Courses are 100% online

• Comprise of video content, quizzes, worksheets and assessments

• Certification awarded for completion

• Courses can be assigned to your staff and completion tracked

• LMS platform to create your own courses and import existing training all in one place

Package includes:

  • Access to 21 wellbeing and skills courses
  • Access for unlimited users for 12 months
  • Access to our LMS platform
  • Management information for tracking completions

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Support your school staff with Wellbeing Training

Staff wellbeing is under threat as teachers and staff face a school year like no other. Watch our video to see how our Wellbeing First staff training package can help nurture and support your team.

Wellbeing First offers a range of free staff training courses for your entire school, nursery or MAT, each designed to fit easily into busy schedules. Sign your school up for free wellbeing training today.

Hays Education Learning Management System (LMS)

Hays Education Training gives your staff access to training through an intuitive online Learning Management System (LMS) which you can also use to upload your own training materials, assign training and set deadlines for course completion.

The portal also provides key management information, allowing you to generate reports showing engagement with training, records of completion and more to help you prepare for inspections.

Wellbeing Training includes 22 wellbeing and skills courses:

NEW: Supporting staff with their mental health

This course is for managers looking to ensure the wellbeing of their teams by helping them recognise signs of mental distress and teaching them what to do if someone needs extra support.

Supporting Wellbeing in Lockdown

15 minutes – This course, designed to support education professionals during a lockdown, will help you recognise the warning signs of poor wellbeing in yourself and others at your school, and take action to improve it using the CALM rule.

Warning signs

This course identifies mental health warning signs and shows you how to reach out to others to provide comfort and support.

How to have an honest conversation

This course looks at the power of honest and open discourse. Find out how to create a safe space in which people can be honest, allowing you to have conversations about mental health beyond ‘I’m fine’.

How to be successful, pay something forward

This short course looks at the role of kindness in bringing people closer together, and how it can benefit mental health for all parties.

Exercising your gratitude muscle

Gratitude and altruism are proven to help us fight isolation and loneliness. They stimulate physiological changes in the brain that are directly linked to happiness. This course helps you understand the power of gratitude and bring it into the workplace.

Remote working 101

Remote working can have a big impact on mental health, and for many workers doing it for the first time, there are many new challenges to overcome. Help your team prioritise mental health when working from home.

Life balance

15 minutes – Help your staff improve their work-life balance with a case study, advice, tips and a range of interactive questions.

Healthy living

15 minutes – This course helps your teachers learn more about health and wellbeing and how to optimise it at work.


15 minutes – Course that explores the different types of mindset and how to modify them, to make a positive impact on your teacher’s lives.


10 minutes – This course details how your teachers can consciously influence their attitude to the best possible effect. They will learn about ways to improve attitude, deal with change and regain motivation.


25 minutes – This course looks at sources of stress and its behavioural and health indicators, before exploring ways in which staff can reduce stress levels.


15 minutes – This course is designed to help staff develop a better understand of how to be resilient in the face of adversity, by bending instead of breaking under pressure.


15 minutes – The relaxation course explores different techniques to help your staff relax and highlights the benefits of rest and recovery from the stresses of everyday life.


15 minutes – The art of prioritisation: what comes first. This course looks at the art of prioritisation and offers some basic principles to help with organisation.


15 minutes – Explores the different types of mindset and how to influence them for more positive effects.


15 minutes each – This course includes seven short daily yoga routines, which can help aid relaxation and invigorate body and mind.


Master Microsoft Teams

3 hours, 40 minutes – This in depth look at Microsoft Teams will help you and your team get the most out of this intuitive collaboration software.

Hand Hygiene

5 minutes – In this course, we investigate the goal of hand hygiene, which is to reduce the number of microorganisms on your hands and prevent the spread of disease as a result.

Stress Busting Tips

3 minutes – Learn some simple techniques to get the better of stress before it gets the better of you.

Leading Digital Transformation

3 minutes – This short video gives your team some tips on making digital transformation a reality.

Loss and Bereavement

45 minutes – This loss and bereavement course helps members of your team through the unfortunate loss of a loved one, and helps managers understand what support grieving staff may need.