Wellbeing training for education employers

Our Wellbeing staff training courses and Learning Management System are completely free for all education employers. Our way of giving back to a community of teachers and support staff who give their all to help children and young people learn and grow. These wellbeing courses will help your staff take simple steps towards improving their mental health and resilience, decreasing stress, thereby increasing the likelihood of staff retention.

  • Wellbeing courses are 100% online
  • Comprise of video content, quizzes, worksheets and assessments
  • Certification awarded for completion
  • Wellbeing courses can be assigned to your staff and completion tracked
  • LMS platform to create your own courses and import existing training all in one place

Package includes:

  • Access to 23 wellbeing courses
  • Access for unlimited users for 12 months
  • Access to our LMS platform
  • Management information for tracking completions

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Support your school staff with Wellbeing training

Staff wellbeing is under threat as teachers and staff face a school year like no other. Watch our video to see how our Wellbeing First staff training package can help nurture and support your team.

Wellbeing First offers a range of free staff training courses for your entire school, nursery or MAT, each designed to fit easily into busy schedules. Sign your school up for free wellbeing training today. 

Thrive for Education Learning Management System (LMS)

Thrive for Education Training gives your staff access to wellbeing training through an intuitive online Learning Management System (LMS) which you can also use to upload your own training materials, assign training and set deadlines for course completion.

The portal also provides key management information, allowing you to generate reports showing engagement with training, records of completion and more to help you prepare for inspections.

Our Wellbeing Training includes 23 courses:

NEW: Communication skills (CPD certified)

10 minutes – This short course covers the different types of communication (verbal, nonverbal, aural, visual, written) and looks at the role that modern technology such as translation apps and speech recognition software play in keeping everyone on the same page.

NEW: Effective decision making (CPD certified)

10 minutes – How do you make big decisions? Well, it all comes down to a combination of two things: Reasoning- using the facts available to guide your decision, and intuition- thats often called your gut feeling. Applying them evenly can help guide your decision making in an effective way, and thats what this short course covers. Result = potential career boost + happier life. You know it makes sense.

NEW: Emotional intelligence (CPD certified)

10 minutes – Emotional intelligence is always a learned behaviour; and using it wisely, we can face up to any problems we might encounter in our personal and professional lives with patience and insight. Dive in if that sounds appealing.

NEW: Exercises for wellbeing

20 minutes – Stress, muscle pain, general fatigue ... how to avoid them? Learn 52 exercises for your physical training.

NEW: Managing stress

10 minutes – Dealing with stress and making sure it doesn't negatively impact your life is as important as ever. In this module we'll learn about the symptoms of stress and how you can help to reduce them.

NEW: Supporting someone who's struggling

7 minutes – A friend is having a tough time. You want to help but you're scared of saying the wrong thing. Sound familiar? This module can help you start those difficult conversations.

NEW: Managing fatigue in the workplace

3 minutes – We all get tired at work. In this short video, we look at the importance of managing fatigue in the workplace.

NEW: Small acts of confidence: Visualize success

Overcome your tendency to expect the worst-case scenario. This course will help you visualize success and ultimately lead to more opportunities. We will demonstrate how recollecting positive performance from the past can help give you a confidence advantage. We will also discuss how visualizing future performance ahead of an event can help you perform better.

NEW: Small acts of confidence: You are not an imposter

Overcome "Imposter Syndrome" and rid yourself of self-doubt. This course is designed to help you gain confidence in your own success within any professional field. You will learn how to challenge yourself without feeling like you're in over your head. You will discover how to view stress and feelings of inadequacy in a positive light and how to help others who express feelings of inadequacy.

NEW: Small acts of confidence: You can ask for more than you think

Learn how to ask for more than you think you deserve. This course will help you to see that you're more valuable than you may realise. We will discuss how assertiveness is perceived, why it's important to ask for more, and how to take small steps when learning to ask for more.

NEW: Managing stress at work

20 minutes – Eu-stress and Di-stress. One positive, one negative. One can push us to new levels of achievement, the other can kill. In this course, learn the difference between positive and negative stress, and how to manage both to help you achieve the results you desire. Reduce the negative stress in your world by using application exercises and a rich multimedia process. Check process to identify pain points and take action to regulate the stress you experience.

NEW: Managing personal finance module

15 minutes – Learning how to manage your personal finances brings many benefits. The ability to stay on top of bills means you can start to put money into a savings account, pay off debts, and think about the future by increasing your pension contributions. This module will look at how to create an effective budget, the importance of picking the right bank account for your financial needs, and how you can save money by cutting costs and shopping smarter.

Life balance

15 minutes – Help your staff improve their work-life balance with a case study, advice, tips and a range of interactive questions..

Healthy living

15 minutes – This module explores the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and sleep and the influence each of these have on an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Dealing with stress

15 minutes – This course looks at sources of stress and the behavioural and health indicators. This module also offers advice on dealing with stress and explores ways in which you can reduce your stress levels.

Stress busting tips

10 minutes – View this engaging video, then finish the workbook to complete your learning experience.


15 minutes – The relaxation course explores different techniques to help your staff relax and highlights the benefits of rest and recovery from the stresses of everyday life.


15 minutes – Explores the different types of mindset and how to influence them for more positive effects.


15 minutes each – This course includes seven short daily yoga routines, which can help you relax and invigorate your mind, get in touch with your creative centre, and find the inspiration you need to create for the rest of the day.

Warning signs

This course identifies mental health warning signs and shows you how to reach out to others to provide comfort and support.

Supporting staff with their mental health

This course is for managers looking to ensure the wellbeing of their teams by helping them recognise signs of mental distress and teaching them what to do if someone needs extra support.

Master Microsoft Teams

3 hours, 40 minutes – This in-depth look at Microsoft Teams will help you and your team get the most out of this intuitive collaboration software.

How to have an honest conversation

This course looks at the power of honest and open discourse. Find out how to create a safe space in which people can be honest, allowing you to have conversations about mental health beyond ‘I’m fine’.