Comprehensive safeguarding training for school workers

Safeguarding children is an educator’s top priority. Our online safeguarding training for schools is suitable for everybody working at your school – now including dedicated governor training – and will help ensure all required safeguarding training is handled efficiently and completed on-time, for the benefit of all.

  • Comprehensive safeguarding training courses: our safeguarding training for schools keep your staff up-to-date with the latest guidance, on all key issues from recognising abuse to ensuring online safety
  • Customised courses for Welsh schools: ensure your staff training is right for your region
  • Governor training courses: help Governors understand the key elements of safeguarding by accessing training courses designed specifically for them
  • Refresher courses: we are the only training portal to offer shortened Safeguarding Refresher courses, for your established staff members. These allow experienced education professionals to update their knowledge without going over familiar material.

Package includes:

  • Comprehensive safeguarding training courses
  • Governor training courses
  • Refresher courses
  • INSET builder tool
  • LMS platform to create your own courses and import existing training all in one place
  • Wellbeing training package

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Safeguarding Training includes 23 wellbeing courses & 7 safeguarding courses

23 wellbeing courses

This Safeguarding training package also includes free access to our Wellbeing training package

Safeguarding and child protection training

2 Hours – This comprehensive course covers safeguarding children and child protection, divided into five modules and an assessment, with a certificate awarded on completion. Topics covered include an overview of legislation, as well as tips on how to recognise harm, abuse and neglect, grooming, FGM, forced marriage, trafficking, CSE, children missing from education, peer-on-peer abuse, radicalisation & extremism (Prevent), mental health and wellbeing and online safety, which provides guidance and practical advice in raising awareness of cyber bullying, sexting and online grooming, all while providing information on current technologies and safe internet usage.

This course provides essential information about your duty of care, role and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding children and child protection and what to do if you are in receipt of any information. It is vital for any professional who may come into contact with school children.

Safer recruitment training

60 minutes – Safer recruitment aims to provide you with the most up-to-date information on all legal vetting checks required when hiring new members of staff to join your school. Learners are assessed after completing the four key modules and awarded a certificate for passing.

Safeguarding and child protection - Essentials training

45 minutes – This refresher course covers subjects around safeguarding children and child protection and is intended to update your staff’s existing knowledge on safeguarding and reinforce the fundamentals of protecting children at risk. Modules involve a reminder of the definitions and signs of harm and abuse, how to respond to any concerns and who to report it to.

This course is over two training modules followed by an online assessment, with a certificate awarded upon completion.

Safeguarding and child protection - Basic training

25 minutes – This training course covers the content set out in Annex A of the Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance (September 2022) which states "that those staff who so not work directly with children read either Part one or Annex A (a condensed version of Part one) of this guidance".

This course aims to give you the essential information you need to understand the safeguarding children and child protection legislation, alongside your role and responsibilities.

This course is by an online assessment, with a certificate awarded upon completion.

Safeguarding and child protection - Governor training

45 minutes – This course will ensure Governors understand the essential, key elements of safeguarding and how to promote the welfare of children and young people in schools. The course will also cover responsibilities as a Governor in regards to safeguarding in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance. Covered in two training modules followed by an online assessment. Completion generates a certificate which can be viewed by the school.

Not included in the Welsh package.

Health & safety

45 minutes – The course consists of four modules each designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to carry out your everyday tasks confidently and safely. The course covers an overview of the main elements of health and safety, providing information on different education policies and raising the awareness of the basic health and safety practices concerning accidents, injuries and hazards.

Modules include health and safety principles, work equipment safety, workplace hazards. (including vital information regarding fire safety, asbestos, COSHH, transport safety and school security) and personal health & safety.

Behaviour management

60 minutes – This series of modules, based on ‘Brilliant Behaviour for Learning; getting the kids to want to do what you want them to do’, highlight the advice, techniques and anecdotes of the authors Gary Toward and Chris Henley. There are three modules: Engaging with Pupils, Brilliant & Engaging Lessons and Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour. This course is ideal for helping teachers and staff rectify and discourage poor behaviour.

Radicalisation and extremism (Prevent)

15 minutes – This short course focusses on the Prevent duty and reiterates the responsibilities of education professionals in regards to radicalisation and extremism. Quickly learn to recognise the warning signs and find out what to do if you have concerns or are in receipt of any information.

Why Safeguarding Training? 

Thrive for Education Learning Management System (LMS)

Thrive for Education Training gives your staff access to training through an intuitive online Learning Management System (LMS) which you can also use to upload your own training materials, assign training and set deadlines for course completion.

The portal also provides key management information, allowing you to generate reports showing engagement with training, records of completion and more to help you prepare for inspections.