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Your rail engineering recruitment questions, answered

What employee benefits do rail civil engineers expect?

Research into 2022 recruitment trends shows that rail civil engineers expect benefits that improve their work-life balance, such as flexible working arrangements, opportunities to work from home and wellbeing support. A good work-life balance is the central consideration for 26% of engineering professionals who are searching for a new role.

How can businesses attract more diverse candidates when recruiting for rail systems engineering jobs?

Businesses can benefit greatly from recruiting from a more diverse pool of candidates for rail systems engineering jobs, as a varied workforce will bring a broader range of perspectives and ways of thinking. Offering flexible working arrangements is a crucial way in which companies can attract a diverse range of rail systems engineers. 

What skills should rail recruitment agencies be looking for when hiring?

Skills that rail recruitment agencies should be looking for when hiring include a high level of mechanical and electrical engineering skills, excellent attention to detail and an ability to remain calm under pressure. At a time when [92% of engineering employers are experiencing skill shortages], soft skills like problem-solving and flexibility are also crucial to observe in candidates.

What are the typical salaries offered to rail engineers by employers?

The typical salaries offered to rail engineers vary according to the nature of the exact role, its seniority level and location. However, the Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide for 2022 shows that salaries range between £35,000 and £60,000, with the typical salary for a rail engineer sitting at around £45,000.

Should rail recruitment agencies be looking for temporary or permanent candidates?

There are different circumstances whereby rail recruitment agencies may be looking for temporary or permanent candidates. If a company needs extra support on a project with a defined end date, then recruiting temporary rail engineers may be the appropriate option. But if the role involves long-term projects, then the business might want to consider recruiting a permanent rail engineer.

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