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Your mechanical engineering recruitment questions, answered

What is vital to include in a job description when searching for mechanical engineers?

There are many different types of engineer, so job descriptions will vary hugely between roles and workplaces. It's important to include any particular qualifications that people may need, along with the skills, such as those in mathematics, science, computers and more. If you're looking for certain soft-skills, such as problem-solving or strong communication, make sure you include that, too.

How can workplaces attract more diverse mechanical engineers?

In the past, engineering has been a male-dominated industry, but more and more women are studying STEM subjects and qualifying as engineers. Thankfully, this means there is slightly more diversity among candidates these days, but not enough. As a recruitment agency, we know that there are many ways you can attract different types of candidates.

What benefits do mechanical engineering professionals want?

The benefits that most professionals want are: flexible working; support with mental health, training and wellbeing support; and on-site subsidised facilities. See more in our Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide for 2022.

How can organisations help their engineering teams develop?

Alongside internal mentorship programmes and career guides, workplaces could consider investing in an e-learning service. Hays Thrive is an online training platform available to all organisations and can be tailored to your workplace or specific departments.

What can workplaces do to improve the staff retention of engineers?

According to our research, only 44% of engineering professionals rate their work-life balance positively, 10% lower than the entire UK workforce average.

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