If you're seeking marine engineers, let the search stop with us. Our expert recruiters place highly skilled and experienced professionals in job vacancies for organisations just like yours every day - from marine surveyors and marine chiefs right the way through to those who work in electronics services. Our unrivalled knowledge of the industry means that we're the best-placed recruitment agency to assist you in your team's expansion, so why not get in touch to see what we can offer?
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Your marine engineering recruitment questions, answered

What can we do at our organisation to improve staff retention?

Our studies have shown that only 44% of engineering professionals rate their work-life balance positively, 10% lower than the UK workforce average.

Is it better to recruit temporary or permanent marine engineers?

That depends on your organisation and what tasks you need to be picked up. You could recruit temporary staff to help with busy periods, but for longer, ongoing projects, you may want to look at permanent hires.

What can organisations do to encourage staff retention of marine engineers?

Our studies have shown that 27% of professionals would leave their current employment for the right salary or benefits package. 20% would move on because of the lack of future opportunities, and 15% would leave because of the work itself. Take a look at our guide to staff retention for more information and how you can make improvements.

What are the benefits of working with Hays when recruiting for marine engineers?

As a recruitment agency that works across dozens of different specialisms, we have an entire team who understand the needs of your organisation and how we can make your hiring processes much easier. Our expert knowledge of marine engineering means we are best placed to help you in your search for new talent. For more information about what we can do for you, see our employer services hub.

What are good qualities that should I look for on a marine engineering CV?

Soft-skills that employers across the board are looking for include communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to adopt change, problem-solving, flexibility and adaptability and the ability to learn. Find out more in our Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide for 2022.

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