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Your renewable recruitment questions, answered

What is most important to renewable energy professionals when considering a job?

According to Hays research, outlined in the Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide for 2022, the benefits that most employees want are: flexible working; support with mental health, training and wellbeing support; and on-site, subsidised facilities.

What kind of upskilling opportunities do renewable energy professionals want to see being offered?

Manufacturing employees most want to develop their skills in: people management, communication and interpersonal problem-solving, the ability to learn and critical thinking. Offering your workforce ways to improve their techniques via courses is a great idea - we recommend seeing what Hays Thrive can do for you.

Is it better to look for temporary or permanent renewable energy staff?

That depends on your workplace, workload and what projects you need support with. For busy periods that have a clear end date, you could consider recruiting temporary staff to support; but for longer, ongoing tasks, you may want to consider permanent hires.

Why should I use a recruitment agency such as Hays to search for renewable energy staff?

We're experts in recruiting manufacturing professionals and understand exactly what your workplace requires. We'll be able to lead your staff search, advise you on any questions you might have, and work with you on your hiring strategy. For more information about what we can do for you, see our employer services hub.

How can my workplace attract more diverse candidates for renewable energy roles?

There are many ways to attract different types of candidates, and working with a recruitment agency like Hays is just one of them.

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