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Your energy, oil & gas recruitment questions, answered

What benefits do employees expect in oil and gas engineering jobs?

Organisations should regularly assess their benefits programmes to make sure they are meeting the expectations of oil and gas engineers. Results from the Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide for 2022 show that flexible working arrangements, training opportunities, and mental health support are some of the key benefits that employees in oil and gas engineering jobs would prefer their employers to focus on.

What are the essential competencies that employers should look for in gas engineering candidates?

The essential competencies that employers should look for in gas engineering candidates include decision-making, problem-solving and analytical thinking. As gas engineers often work in different homes and workplaces, they also need to have great communication and interpersonal skills. 

What skills should an energy recruitment agency look for in a candidate?

Energy recruitment agencies should look for candidates with excellent practical, research, design and problem-solving skills. Since research shows that there is a notable skills shortage amongst engineering professionals, energy recruitment agencies should also search for candidates with great communication and interpersonal skills, as well as an ability to adopt change. 

How can companies support the learning and development of those in gas engineering roles?

Online training tools are a useful way to upskill employees in gas engineering roles. Learning platforms, like Hays Thrive, can be used by companies to provide customised programmes that focus on key areas of learning and development.

How can an energy recruitment agency ensure the salaries offered to gas engineering candidates reflect the current market?

It is important for an energy recruitment agency to be aware of salary trends among gas engineers, especially as research shows that 71% of engineering professionals value transparency in how organisations set salaries and pay rises. Resources like the Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide for 2022 can help companies to compare engineering salaries across the whole market.

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