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Within Hays, we have a specialist automotive recruitment team with an incredible track record - our talented recruitment experts fill hundreds of vacancies in this sector every year. So, whether you're looking for automotive designers, manufacturers, managers or technicians, we can help. Take a look at our or candidate database, where you'll find professionals including project-manager engineers and directors of engineering, plus many more. Want to find out how we can help in more detail? Simply contact us today and one of our expert consultants will be in touch.

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Your automotive recruitment questions, answered

How can companies improve employee retention among automotive engineers?

Employee retention among automotive engineers needs to be a priority for companies, especially as 53% of engineering professionals would move for the right salary and benefits package . To retain automotive engineers, employees need to be offered competitive salary and benefits packages, as well as opportunities for future progression and a good work-life balance. 

What benefits do employees expect in automotive manufacturing engineering jobs?

Employees in automotive manufacturing engineering roles expect a good work-life balance, with recent recruitment trends demonstrating that engineers value flexible working arrangements, support for training and wellbeing support.

What skills should employers look for during automotive recruitment?

When recruiting for automotive engineering roles, employers will typically look for a candidate with a high level of technical and numerical competency, as well as a solid understanding of design and production applications. Recruitment trends for 2022 show that 92% of engineering employers have experienced skills shortages in the workplace, so it’s more important than ever to search for candidates with soft skills like good communication and flexibility during the automotive recruitment process.

What training can organisations provide for their automotive engineers?

By investing in training and e-learning services, organisations can upskill their automotive engineers. Hays Thrive is a readily available training platform that can be tailored according to the learning and development requirements of employees.

Is it better to look for temporary or permanent automotive engineers?

Whether it is better to look for temporary or permanent automotive engineers depends on the nature of the role, the organisation and the department structure. Temporary staff can be brought on during busy periods to assist with short-term automotive projects, whereas permanent automotive engineers would be better suited to undertake longer, ongoing projects involving designing, developing and manufacturing vehicles.

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