Power your people strategy with greater visibility and insight, enabling you to build a sharper, more agile technology ecosystem. Discover how we can transform your organisation with next-generation recruitment technology.

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Power your people strategy with greater visibility and insight, enabling you to build a sharper, more agile technology ecosystem. Discover how we can transform your organisation with next-generation recruitment technology.

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What you need to know about recruitment technology

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed. The composition of workforces is shifting rapidly.

Today’s strategies will not solve tomorrow’s challenges.

But selecting a technology solution that can keep pace with the challenges you face is just one piece in an ever-complicating puzzle.

How do you integrate and implement these technologies effectively across your organisation? Do you have the expertise and insights available to ensure continuous optimisation of existing technologies – and the incorporation of emerging features and systems?

You need a partner who can help you navigate the complex world of recruitment technology.

Navigating change, together
Competing organisational priorities can make technology decision making, implementation and adoption incredibly challenging. Together, we’ll shape a clear vision and framework to support the change management process from initial buy-in to training and sustained adoption. Our goal is to ensure that your recruitment technology enriches the working lives of your people and adds value to your processes.

Experts in technology
We’re at the forefront of recruitment technology, with dedicated product specialists across the globe committed to sourcing, implementing and optimising best-in-class applications that seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem. Together, we’ll build a smarter solution to achieve your workforce strategy - whatever your ambition.

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  • The quality you need

    Building an agile workforce requires the support of an agile technology solution. We combine our omnichannel sourcing strategy with the tech-driven processes, analytics and insights you need to identify, attract and engage business-critical expertise.

  • Better decisions, faster

    You need to identify tomorrow’s challenges today. Aggregated data sets from across your organisation driven into best-in-class reporting analytics tools provide the necessary business intelligence to better inform better decision making and power the progress of your organisation.
  • Efficient and effective

    With a clear vision of tomorrow’s talent strategy, our experts ensure that the implementation of recruitment technology applications compliment your technology ecosystem and deliver on the outcomes you need to be successful.


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A Vendor Management System (VMS) is a cloud-based software that supports with the management of contractors, temporary workers and project workers. A key functionality of any VMS is to ensure visibility across the contingent workforce, tracking performance, payment and compliance.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that digitally maps the entire recruitment process. An ATS can automate and support across tasks such as the creation of job requisitions, maintenance of applicant data and onboarding.

Your technology should solve problems, not create them. Our propriety solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing software applications, enabling you to draw data across departments and make better decisions for your business.

We believe in shared success. Leverage our ecosystem of recruitment technologies, dedicated product specialists and extensive experience across implementation and optimisation to build the best solution for your organisation.

We work hard to keep things simple, navigating the complex world of recruitment technology together.

Recruitment technology tailored to your business

People: We’re experts in technology, with an extensive team of dedicated product specialists who keep themselves at the cutting edge of innovation and evolving recruitment technologies. A commitment to continuous learning and development guides their approach, as they bring a wealth of knowledge to shape the solution that would best suit your needs.

Process: Amid a more complex world of work, agility is vital. Our systems are built to be flexible, enabling you to seamlessly integrate into your existing technology estate and provide a best-in-class user experience across your organisation.

Principle: We are guided by our belief to do the right thing, which is why we champion a technology-agnostic approach. Whether we lean into our proprietary tech stack, including award-winning Vendor Management and Applicant Tracking Systems, or leverage expertise across a range of strategic partnerships, we’ll always keep your challenges and ambitions at the core of every decision we make.

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Complex problems require careful consideration. Leverage a wealth of insights to inform your workforce strategy.


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Today's solutions lay the foundation for pursuing tomorrow's opportunities. Aided by technology and automation, we make managing complex talent needs simpler and easier.

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