As business leaders and professionals look to the future and decide the changes they need to make to their ways of working, what lessons from the COVID-19 lockdown can we learn and take forward into the new era of work?

A lot has happened since May when we last surveyed employers and employees to discover their sentiments towards the UK economy, employment outlook, skills needed and career prospects. So, in early July, we asked over 13,000 professionals their views on these topics to provide an up-to-date view of how organisations and their employees are faring as they consider their next steps in the new era of work.

Download our latest snapshot to find out:

  • How the outlook on the UK’s economic recovery has changed
  • Insight into when employers plan to return their teams back to the workplace and whether employees are happy to return
  • Where hiring activity is highest as well as the skills most highly sought after
  • The job aspects most important to employees, and why employers must focus on their organisation’s purpose

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