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Rising temps: 5 ways temporary staff can support you this summer

By Roddy Adair, Director, Hays Personal & Executive Assistants


Summer is officially here. However, aside from some unexpected rain, there is one thing that is sure to put a dampener on any employer’s enjoyment of the hot weather: being short-staffed due to holidays when deadlines are looming or customer demand is peaking.

Of course, you and your colleagues have earned your well-deserved breaks. But while work expectations can usually be anticipated and managed, with annual leave requests so high, teams can be much smaller at this time of year. Instead, it might be time to hire a summer temp.

Here are 5 ways a temp can help you this summer:

1. They can hit the ground running

Many, if not most, temps usually have an area in which they specialise. Furthermore, they are used to entering a new organisation, getting acquainted with systems and processes quickly and completing projects in a short timeframe. By hiring a temp with a niche skillset, they will be able to hit the ground running and get stuck into work with little delay.

2. They will help keep morale high amongst the rest of your staff

Being under-staffed can not only impact your organisation’s ability to run smoothly and efficiently, but it can also increase the workloads of those who are working through the holiday period, impacting their work-life balance and morale. A temporary employee can assist with workloads, helping teams meet the demands of the business, and keeping their morale up.

3. They will help maintain high standards

If your staff start producing poorer quality work, they may be rushing because they’re overworked. Not only can a temp help teams get back on track and complete work to their usual high standard, but they usually have plenty of experience working in different ways with different organisations. As a result, many have a very comprehensive view of what constitutes ‘best practice’, and by introducing better ways of working, the productivity boost they can offer may remain long after they have moved on.

4. They will help you keep your costs low

It goes without saying that one of the main benefits of hiring a temp is their relatively lower cost compared to hiring permanent staff. They do not require the fixed annual salary or some of the costs such as training and benefits that hiring a permanent employee would – which is particularly important if you are hiring purely to support during a busy period.

5. They can provide skills that are in short supply

Hiring a seasonal temp can also help if you have been struggling to secure highly-skilled professionals with a particular skillset. Get ahead of the competition by bringing on board a temporary professional to fill a skills gap now. If they work out, you may even decide to take them on permanently.

Act fast to secure the hottest temp talent today

Temporary employees are a highly effective resource at this time of year. They’ll help alleviate stress, keep morale high, use their expertise to complete work to a high standard, and ensure permanent staff can go on leave, and enjoy some rest and relaxation in the summer sun.

Of course, hiring managers may also be pressed for time during the summer months, especially if they have their own holiday plans. Hiring a temp is typically a fast process as you will be hiring solely for specific skills, rather than hoping to achieve a long-term cultural fit, making this an ideal solution for employers who want a quick, flexible solution for increased seasonal pressures. However, demand for temps during the summer months is high, so you should act fast to secure the hottest temp talent today.

For further insights into the many advantages of hiring temporary staff, download our guide today.

For more information or to discuss your recruitment needs in this field, please contact your local consultant.

About this author

Roddy joined Hays in 1999 as a Recruitment Consultant. In 2012 he took over operational responsibility for Hays in Scotland, managing dedicated teams providing expert temporary and permanent recruitment services for a wide range of sectors and professions. From 2017, he has been the lead for Hays Personal & Executive Assistants business across the UK, providing strategic leadership to over 200 consultants.


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