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5 routes to making your recruitment processes more efficient

By Lucy Palmer, Head of Client Engagement for Hays UK and Ireland

During these uncertain times, many organisations will be looking for cost efficiencies they can make across their established recruitment processes.

The most effective solution is often outsourcing some, or all permanent and temporary recruitment, via the use of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) or managed service providers (MSP). This will unquestionably enable you to tap into resourcing expertise and economies of scale that would otherwise be impossible, saving you time and money.

How a MSP or RPO can help you make direct savings

If you are a large organisation, managing a contingent workforce can present a multitude of challenges, and a managed service provision (MSP) can help you improve visibility and control. Hays Talent Solutions oversees direct sourcing, third party supplier management, compliance, delivery and management of the VMS, onboarding, induction, payroll and offboarding.

Alternatively, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) – when you transfer all or part of your recruitment to an external provider, provides you with all the benefits and expertise of a company whose sole business is accessing the best talent. Assimilating into your team, Hays Talent Solutions is able to work under your brand and within your culture to handle all things related to talent acquisition, covering all or just part of your recruitment.

How else can you drive cost efficiencies?  

Whilst outsourcing is a strategy that works for many organisations, in some cases, realising recruitment efficiencies is not necessarily about making drastic alterations to your established processes. Instead it’s understanding where small changes can help to add value to your business, drive cost savings and improve the candidate experience. 

5 routes you can take to drive recruitment efficiencies for your business:

1. Consolidating your preferred supplier lists to reduce costs

For an organisation of any size, reviewing your PSL can help to cut down on administrative costs and improve transparency, making it easier for you to establish which requirements are harder to fill or if you need to reduce or increase your partner list for specific areas. 

If, as an organisation, you are looking to drive cost efficiencies, or simply exert tighter control over your processes and the people you work with, Hays can advise you on how to effectively evaluate and consolidate your preferred supplier list (PSL), in order to help you improve overall standards and more effectively benchmark rates.

2. Simplifying the selection of the right vendor management system (VMS) or applicant tracking system (ATS)

For organisations hiring large volumes of non-permanent workers, a VMS does a lot more than just measure the performance of your staffing suppliers. It tracks, automates and reports on the whole resourcing process, from request to payment. To help you make the right choice of technology, Hays constantly monitors, tests, evaluates and learns the latest technological developments impacting industry, including VMS, so you don’t have to. We leverage the insight and the experience acquired from the hundreds of MSP programmes we manage to advise you on the right software solutions to meet your individual workforce needs.

For those organisations looking to gain more control over their recruitment of permanent staff, implementing an ATS can help reduce manual tasks for the HR team, as it automates many of the more time-consuming processes whilst also ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience for prospective candidates. Working closely with a recruitment partner such as Hays can help you gain access to or select a system that is a good strategic fit for your organisation.

3. Auditing your candidate journey to help you attract and retain talent

In-demand talent expect slick and efficient hiring processes, and the quicker you can execute the process the more likely you are to successfully retain their interest. Slow processes cause candidates to become disengaged. Simple things such as auditing the length of time it takes to submit an application and working with a recruiter to benchmark against candidate expectations can help to streamline the candidate journey and make it more likely that you’ll engage the talent you need.

The Hays Candidate Journey Diagnostic is an online tool to help employers improve their candidate experience. It allows you to evaluate how strong your candidate experience is against industry-leading best practice across six key assessment stages and creates a personalised report of recommendations on how to take your candidate experience to the next level.

4. Outsourcing payroll to just one provider

Outsourcing your payroll to a single provider gives you the assurance of accuracy and speed whilst also ensuring clear visibility and control via regular reporting. Engaging one trusted partner also frees up time, better allowing you to focus on your core business and how you can continue to drive efficiencies.

For a large number of organisations, this course of action has been brought to the forefront by the IR35 question. Many have realised they can save considerable amounts by using one payroll provider, while also managing their future risks around the off-payroll working rules.

5. Benchmarking salaries to keep your reward offering competitive

In order to provide a reward offering that’s competitive enough to attract the talent you need, salaries need regular benchmarking to ensure they align with current market rates. Working landscapes are evolving constantly, with peaks in demand causing increased skills shortages and a fluctuating pool of available talent. Pay and reward can also differ greatly depending on the industry and sector, with wider benefits other than salary especially important for permanent employees.

Hays’ salary and benefit benchmarking service provides you with real-time information on your market and comparable sectors for pay and reward structures, perceptions and workforce diversity strategies. Providing you with this data ensures that you have the information required to set competitive, sustainable salary and benefit offerings and the appropriate package to recruit and retain the right talent.

To find out more about how you can create cost savings and drive recruitment efficiencies at your organisation, feel free to reach out to, or for more information on our RPO and MSP services, contact Hays Talent Solutions today.

About this author

Lucy Palmer is Head of Client Engagement for Hays UK and Ireland and her role involves supporting relationships with Hays’ largest clients. Lucy joined Hays in 2009 as a recruitment consultant specialising in senior finance and went on to hold a number of different positions before she was appointed as Head of Client Engagement in January 2019.


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