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Gender Diversity Report 2017 - Landing page 

With over 5,400 responses from our survey, the Hays Gender Diversity Report 2017 helps senior leaders open a dialogue with their employees to celebrate the achievements and overall benefits of gender diversity to help translate policy into progress.

Key findings:

Communication a root cause for low uptake of diversity and inclusion programmes:

  • 77% of employees believe diversity and inclusion programmes are important to recruitment and retention

Financial and perception issues are causing fewer men to take up their full allotment of parental leave:

  • 42% of professionals believed men took very little or none of their possible parental leave

Men and women perceive flexible working to have a negative impact on their careers:

  • 45% of organisations have flexible working policies in place for all staff, but only 12% of respondents were actively involved in such a scheme

Both men and women have better freedom to promote their skills and abilities in the workplace, but still acknowledge persisting obstacles to gender equality:

  • 84% of women believe that gender barriers persist in the modern workplace, as do 64% of men

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Gender diversity in the world of work

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