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Frequently asked questions

Hays Connect is a system for workers and employers that enables timesheets to be submitted and authorised online. Hays Connect also allows you to:

  • Review and update personal details
  • View payment details
  • Book holiday
  • Request a P45
  • Access and print any forms you may require

FAQ Contents


Getting started

When will I receive my Hays Connect login?

You will be sent an email containing a temporary PIN and a link to the Hays Connect self-registration section shortly after you confirm the start of a contract with your Hays Consultant. Use this link to activate your Hays Connect account as soon as you can after receiving this email.

To activate your account we’ll ask you to enter some details about yourself so we can correctly identify you. You will then be asked to set your own login ID and password. Finally you will be asked to choose a question and response that can be used if you ever forget your password in the future.

If you don’t receive the login email within two days of starting your assignment, contact the Hays Service Centre on 0203 727 2977.

The link you emailed me doesn’t work. What should I do?

Please contact the Hays Service Centre on 0203 727 2977.

When I first try to log in, why am I being asked to enter my date of birth, postcode and National Insurance number?

Hays treats the security of its online processes as a key priority. When you first activate your Hays Connect account, it is important that we are able to correctly identify you. We do this by asking you to provide the three pieces of personal information mentioned above and validate these against the information that you have already supplied to your Hays Consultant. If you are LTD company worker you will not be required to enter your NI number, as we do not hold this information.

I notice from the ‘Review of Personal Information’ that you do not have my National Insurance number. What should I do?

Please contact your consultant with your National Insurance number.

I also noticed that you do not have my bank account details. What should I do?

As part of the initial review of personal information you should enter your bank account details via the portal, so we can pay you by electronic transfer. This is the easiest and most secure way for you to receive your payments from Hays.  Please note that if you work through your own Limited Company then you must enter your company’s bank account details rather than your personal account details.

I am trying to enter my bank details using the sort code search function. I am being shown a bank address that does not match my branch. Why is this?

Many banks are consolidating their sort codes into one centralised location. This is the address you are being shown in the Hays Connect system. This is nothing to worry about as long as you are sure you entered the correct sort code for your account.

What do I do if I forget my password?

At the bottom of the login page there is a ‘Forgot Password?’ link. When you click on this you will be prompted with the question that you set up when you first activated your Hays Connect account. On successfully answering this question you will be sent an email with a new temporary password.

Once you have logged into Hays Connect you should reset your password via the ‘My System Profile’ link on the left-hand navigation menu. 

What if I lock my account or forget my security answer?

Please contact our Service Centre on 0203 727 2977.

What about my tax details?

If you are PAYE worker then you will need to post the original copy of your P45 to our Service Centre, Hays House, 40-44 Coombe Road, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4QF.  If you are a PAYE worker without a P45 then you can find a P46 form in the ‘Forms and Documents’ section that you should complete and fax to us. The fax number is 0113 823 4750.


Entering time and expenses 

How do I submit a timesheet?

Go to the ‘Time Entry’ option on the left-hand navigation menu and choose the assignment. The current week-ending date will automatically be displayed, ready for hours to be entered. If you wish to submit hours for a previous week-ending date, pick the appropriate date from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Then enter your hours / days as appropriate and select from the list of authorisers at the top of the screen whom you wish to submit your timesheet to. Then click ‘Submit’.

When do I submit a timesheet? 

You should complete your timesheets weekly and ideally before Monday to allow time for timesheet authorisation and payment processing. Please note the timesheet needs to be authorised no later than midday Tuesday.

How do I view my timesheets? 

Choose the ‘Timesheet History’ option on the left-hand navigation menu. You have the option of searching for previous timesheets based on the weekending date and / or employer that you worked for.

My timesheet has been approved but I did not enter all the hours I worked. What should I do?

If you notice that you need to enter additional hours onto a timesheet after that timesheet has been submitted and authorised, you can simply go back into the original timesheet and create new rows for the extra hours that you want to add, using the ‘Insert Row’ function. 

Please note that you will not be able to change the hours that have already been authorised, you will only be able to add additional hours by creating a new row.

My employer has rejected my timesheet. What should I do? 

When the employer rejects your timesheet they are prompted to give an explanation for the rejection. You may need to discuss with your employer what changes to the timesheet are required.

There are two ways in which your employer can reject your timesheet:

i.          Your employer can ‘Reject for Resubmission’ your timesheet – in this case you can simply change the original timesheet as necessary and click ‘Resubmit’.

ii.         Your employer can ‘Reject’ your timesheet – in this case you will need to create and submit a new timesheet. 

I have entered time for a day I did not work by mistake. How do I fix this? 

If you know that your timesheet is waiting for approval, then simply ask your employer to reject the timesheet and you can then make the necessary correction to the timesheet and resubmit it for approval. 

If your employer has already approved the timesheet, you will need to contact our service centre on 0203 727 2977.

My timesheet authoriser is on holiday. How do I get my timesheet approved? 

Choose the ‘Time Entry’ option from the left-hand navigation menu and then click ‘View Timecard’ for the timesheet that is in question. Towards the top of the screen you will see a list of potential authorisers for your timesheet, with a tick against the authoriser to whom the timesheet has been sent for approval.

To send your timesheet to a different approver, simply put a tick against the person that you want to send the timesheet to and click ‘Submit’.

I cannot see the week-ending date to enter my timesheet.

Please contact our Service Centre on 0203 727 2977.

There are days greyed out where I want to enter my time 

Please contact our Service Centre on 0203 727 2977.

How do I submit my expenses?

You can enter mileage online as part of your timesheet if you have an agreed mileage rate with your Hays consultant. Please ensure that you enter your business related journey details in the appropriate section (failure to do so may result in your payment being taxed). ‘Mileage only’ claims do not require receipts.

If you are set up to use paper timesheets then you should enter the mileage (as outlined above) on the timesheet that you fax to us. All other expenses must be submitted by post using the Expense Form that you can access in the ‘Forms and Documents’ section within Hays Connect. Any expense claims other than mileage must be backed up with receipts for the sum claimed.

What do I do if I cannot see the company name for the timesheet I need to submit?

Please contact your Hays consultant. 

What do I do if my employer does not receive their Hays Connect login?

Please ask your employer to contact their Hays Consultant.

What do I do if my employer cannot see my timesheet to authorise? 

Firstly, you should check that you have correctly submitted your timesheet for authorisation.

You can do this by using the ‘Timesheet History’ option in the left-hand navigation menu. If you cannot find a record of the timesheet then you may have made an error and should therefore recreate and submit the timesheet.

If the timesheet is showing as ‘Awaiting Approval’ then you should check which Approver you have chosen to send the timesheet to. You can do this by clicking on ‘View Timesheet’. If you have submitted your timesheet to the wrong approver then simply put a tick against the name of the employer you want to send your timesheet to and click ‘Submit’.

If your employer still cannot see your timesheet then you should ask them to contact their Hays Consultant.>

Updating your personal details

What if I want to change my details?

It is important that we hold correct and up to date information in order to ensure fast and accurate payments and communications. When you first log in to activate your Hays Connect account, you will be prompted to review your personal details and make any amendments as necessary. You will also be asked to enter your bank account details if we do not already hold them.

After your initial review, you can use the ‘Personal Information Summary’ option on the left-hand menu to change any of these details, should it be necessary. 

How do I change my bank details? 

Go to the ‘Personal Bank Account’ option under ‘My Payments’ in the left-hand navigation menu. To change your account details you must first delete any existing account details already held in the system, enter the new details and click ‘Save’. If you are a limited company then you should always enter your business account details.

I have changed my bank details but my pay has not been credited in either my new or old account?

Please contact our service centre on 0203 727 2977.

Viewing payslips and self-bill invoices

How do I view my payslips and self-bill invoices?

Choose the ‘View Payments’ link under ‘My Payments’ in the left-hand navigation menu. You are then given the choice of seeing your most recent payslips, all payslips for the current tax year, or all payslips within a specific time period that you can define.

I cannot see my payslip for a certain week-ending date in the ‘My Payments’ menu

Please contact our service centre on 0203 727 2977.

Holiday Pay

How do I make a claim for Holiday Pay?

Choose the ‘Holiday Booking’ option under ‘Manage Holidays’ in the left-hand navigation menu. You will then be taken to a screen with a calendar in which you can enter a holiday booking for any week day, provided that you have accrued sufficient holiday pay hours to meet your booking, and that you have not already been paid for the day that you are trying to claim as holiday. You can see your outstanding holiday pay accrual at the top right of this screen.  If you normally work at weekends and wish to claim holiday pay for a Saturday or Sunday then you should contact our service centre on 0203 727 2977.

If you have submitted a claim for SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), please contact the service centre before booking any holidays that coincide with the dates of your claim, to ensure that you do not invalidate your SSP claim.

How do I change or cancel a claim for Holiday Pay?

The ‘Cancel or Amend a Future Booking’ page can be accessed under the ‘Manage Holidays’ section in the left-hand navigation menu. There is also a link at the bottom of the ‘Holiday Booking’ page that will take you to the same page.

For any future dated holiday bookings that you have already made, you have the option of changing the dates that you have booked, or of cancelling the booking altogether, which will add the number of days that you are cancelling back to your outstanding holiday balance. 

Requesting a P45

How do I request a P45?

You can request a P45 directly via your Hays Connect portal by choosing the ‘P45 Request’ link from the left-hand navigation menu. Remember, you should only request your P45 once you have finished your contract with Hays and have been paid for all timesheets, expense and mileage claims. The request date should be the same as the last day worked. Alternatively, you can request a P45 by contacting our Service Centre on 0203 727 2977.

If you would like to discuss this further - contact your local Hays office today