Covid-19 risk assessment

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers remains our priority, so we have put in place a number of measures to protect them against the threat of Covid-19. We are adhering to guidelines from the UK and Irish governments and additional measures, which are aligned to local office environments and needs. Offices will re-open in a phased and organised manner, depending on their location, density and commuting options and any return to the office will be on a voluntary basis initially.

Individual risk assessments have been undertaken for each office. Below is a summary of the guidelines and additional measures we have in place.


Preparing for a return to the office

Existing policies and practices around working in the office have been reviewed and revised to maintain health, safety and wellbeing. Each office has been appointed Senior Responsible Individuals who will work with the Return to Office Project team to open their office and a detailed safety checklist which must be completed prior to the office opening.

Managing culture, health & wellbeing

We will maintain our company culture by continuing to collaborate virtually as offices reopen and we enter a transitional hybrid way of working, where some employees will be office-based, and others will remain working remotely. We will continue to provide employees with wellbeing support and resources.


Communication and engagement

Employees have been sent a comprehensive ‘Return to Work Employee Guide’ so they are aware of the measures put in place. They will also receive an office safety briefing before they return and on day 1 of being back in the office. Clear escalation channels through which any risks, issues and incidents can be reported and managed have been established and communicated to employees.


Managing absence/falling ill on site

Employees must continue informing their manager if they are sick and cannot work due to any illness, not just one relating to Covid-19. Should somebody fall ill on site with Covid-19 symptoms, we have a specific escalation protocol in place to deal with this. Each office has nominated Responsible Individuals who will follow a series of actions to manage the situation.


Travel between offices locally and regionally is not permitted until further notice. Employees may undertake foreign holidays where Foreign Office guidance permits. Hays may ask individuals to reconsider the timing of a holiday if quarantine requirements impact business operations.

Training & performance management

All our learning and development offering has been switched to be delivered virtually. Employees have access to ‘Hays Boost’, which offers a variety of online learning modules to support their individual learning journeys. Managers will continue to monitor and manage individual and team performance to ensure productivity is maintained.


Working at the office

To maintain physical health and safety for those who return to offices, we have enforced physical distancing in offices and shared common areas, displayed clear health and hygiene guidelines, provided masks and hand sanitiser for all returning employees should they wish to use it, and established a daily register to ascertain who is in the office on any one day.

Working with building facility management

Our Health & safety and property teams are working alongside local building facility management on an ongoing basis to ensure the safety of our people in shared areas of buildings. This helps to ensure adequate provision of hygiene products and effective social distancing in high traffic shared areas.

Working from home

A high degree of flexibility has been agreed for an indefinite period to accommodate social distancing, public transport constraints and caring responsibilities. Those employees who are high risk will continue to work from home. Employees have been advised that work devices should be taken home at the end of each day, so they can revert to home working if necessary.


IT systems

PCs and other hardware stored in the office have been switched on prior to employees returning so that software can be updated and any defects identified and resolved. Desktops and IT equipment have been positioned in the offices to support social distancing guidelines.

Working with clients and candidates

At this time, Hays clients and candidates are not permitted into Hays offices. Virtual or offsite meetings and interviews will continue to be used to work with clients and candidates. Guidance is also in place to support clients and candidates as client offices re-open.

Managing an ongoing safe working environment

Safe working practices in Hays offices are in place now and will remain in place for as long as Covid-19 is a threat. Employees will be informed of any changes and updates to guidance as and when the guidance from the government changes.


For further information about the Covid-19 risk assessment and the extensive measures that Hays has put in place, please contact Lee Haydock, Property Manager, at