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Assess your organisation’s candidate experience.

This assessment tool covers the six key stages of a candidates journey through your recruitment process:

Complete this survey to get your candidate experience score. It will take you approximately 15 minutes. Please note the insights provided from this survey are UK specific.

You will be asked a series of questions representing each stage of the journey, and the activity within those stages, of the journey. For each question you will be presented with three statements that represent a level of capability.

You will be asked each question twice; first acknowledging your current situation and then where you would like to be. If you are satisfied with your current level, then select the “same level” for where you would like to be.

Information collected in this tool will not be shared with any third parties.

As a general guide, here’s what each level means:

Level 1: Basic capability

  • The candidate experience is inconsistent, with irregular communication and varied processes and levels of information provided.

Level 3: Intermediate capability

  • The candidate experience is consistent and somewhat standardised, but processes are not optimised.

Level 5: Advanced capability

  • The candidate experience is fully streamlined, as a result of having the right tools and systems to support processes, which are regularly reviewed.

Following completion of the survey, you will receive an assessment of your overall experience including a list of recommendations that pertain to the areas that need improvement. Overall, this report is designed to help you attract the right talent better, faster and more cost effectively.

2. Please select the statement that best describes where you would like to be.
The above questions are representative of your level of capability, not conclusive.

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