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Why you should tailor your outplacement support to deliver the best outcomes for employees

By Charlotte Forsyth, Business Director, Hays Career Transition Services

With the much relied upon furlough scheme drawing to a close in October and the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic likely to be felt a long way into the future, it is possible that as an employer you may have to implement and manage a redundancy scheme or restructuring process at your organisation in the coming months.

You may understandably be concerned about both the practicalities of implementing this and the effects it may have on the wellbeing of your affected employees, which is where outsourcing transition support can provide you with the support you need. If your organisation is going through restructuring or redundancies, then partnering with Hays Career Transition Services can give you access to high-quality modular outplacement support that has consistently delivered positive results to employers and employees.

It is important to remember that for those employees affected by redundancies or restructuring, what a successful outcome constitutes will vary depending on the individual, and so here are just a few ways in which tailoring your outplacement support can help your employees get to where they want to be:

1. Personal objectives and ambitions may vary

Many of the professionals going through redundancy will want to secure a new role that is similar to the one they are departing from – an outplacement support provider will use CV workshops and interview coaching sessions to help them with this.

Some employees, however, may see redundancy as an opportunity to take their career in a different direction, such as working in a different sector, taking on a part-time role, or even starting their own business. This is again where partnering with Hays Career Transition Services can help. Doing so will allow you to provide a tailored, consultative approach to outplacement support that helps professionals identify the resources they can use and the practicalities they need to consider on an individual basis so they can achieve their unique goals, whatever they may be. 

2. Some will want to form longer-term plans, and others shorter-term

The job market has seen some considerable shifts in demand in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with some areas now a lot more competitive, and others seeing increased demand for talent. By making a distinction between short and long-term career planning when providing outplacement support, you can help professionals identify what is realistic in the here-and-now in terms of an immediate career move, and how they can also begin to formulate a strategy for their long-term future.

By engaging Hays Career Transition Services as your outplacement support partner, you are able to leverage on our considerable expertise and insight into the current labour market. We use these market insights to broaden employee awareness of the current roles available and provide detailed information on both the soft and technical skillsets in demand and where these can be applied, all of which will help them to develop their short and long-term career plans.

3. Individual concerns can be acknowledged, and solutions found

By providing consultative outplacement support in a space where employees can speak openly and honestly, you can help them to acknowledge the barriers that they see to achieving their goals. They might be asking themselves questions such as ‘Is it realistic for me to change careers now?’, or ‘Do I have the skills required to do this job well?’ Once these concerns have been acknowledged, your outplacement support partner can help them to identify solutions for overcoming these and provide relevant and tailored guidance and feedback.

4. Employees can re-evaluate what they’re passionate about

For some of those professionals going through redundancy, this will be a chance to really re-evaluate what motivates and energises them and establish how this can help them make the right career decision. Outplacement support providers such as Hays Career Transition Services use individual coaching to support your employees in identifying what they find inspiring and what their values and interests are, and how this can help them determine and action the next steps for their professional development.

By engaging an outplacement support provider who is able to tailor their services, you are beginning the process of helping employees identify where they are currently, where they want to be, and most importantly, how they can successfully accomplish this.

Partnering with Hays Career Transition Services provides you with a range of outplacement support services including:

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Executive coaching
  • Online e-career portal training

With current circumstances in mind, we are also able to provide these services on a virtual basis. To find out more about how we can support your organisation and employees, download our guide or contact Charlotte Forsyth, Business Director for Hays Career Transition Services, by calling 07702 775 747 or emailing

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Charlotte Forsyth, Business Director, Hays Career Transition Services.


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