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We surveyed the priorities of over 13,650 UK professionals, across a broad range of sectors and disciplines.

By arming yourself with the knowledge of what motivates these key employees, you are in a great position both to keep existing teams happy and encourage new staff to come and work for you.

Why get your copy of What Workers Want?

  • Explore how important pay, culture, career progression and benefits are to someone’s decision as to whether stay in a role or accept a new job
  • Find out what people are willing to compromise on and what are the key deal breakers
  • Discover the aspects that tempt employees to move elsewhere
  • Understand what is important to different individuals, dependant on gender, generation and seniority
  • Look at the key factors important across 12 different professions
  • Gain unique recommendations that will make your recruitment and retention strategies stand out above the rest .

Some of our key findings:

  • Two-thirds say their job search is based on achieving a higher salary
  • Almost two-thirds would consider a pay cut in order to achieve personal goals 
  • Over 40% would consider a new role that offered an improved work-life balance
  • Over a third would reject a job offer that didn’t include training and development
  • 84% look at an employer's flexible working policy when considering application.

Download the full report to help you to attract and retain the best professionals for your team.

What Workers Want report  

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