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We explored the priorities of over 13,650 professionals across a broad range of professions and sectors to find out what motivates them at work every day and what would encourage them to move to another organisation such as yours.

Request a copy of the new What Workers Want report to:

  • Find out essential recommendations on how to be a more effective employer, making you better able to retain and attract the talent you need
  • Explore how important pay, culture, career progression and benefits are in the decision to stay or accept a new job.
  • Discover the aspects that tempt employees to move elsewhere.
  • Understand what is important to different individuals, dependant on gender, generation and seniority.
  • Look at the key factors important across 12 different professions.
  • Discover our key recommendations for your workforce.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • Two-thirds say their job search is focused around achieving a higher salary
  • Almost two-thirds would consider taking a pay cut in order to achieve everything else that is important to them
  • Over 40% would be tempted to consider a new role that offered an improved work-life balance
  • Over a third would decline a job offer that didn’t offer training and development opportunities
  • 84% look for an organisation’s flexible working policies when considering whether to apply.

This is the only report of this kind in the UK. In a competitive market, this insight will help you to attract and retain the best professionals to give you the competitive edge.

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