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Your health economics and outcomes research recruitment questions, answered

Is it hard to find health economics professionals at the moment?

It is challenging. Life sciences employers are facing a candidate-short market, with 88% saying they have experienced skills shortages during 2021; competition is high. For more information, check out our Salary and Recruiting Trends Guide.

What benefits do candidates in health economics roles expect?

Workplaces should assess their benefits schemes regularly to ensure they are meeting employees' expectations. Our research shows that flexible working arrangements, learning and development opportunities, and mental health and wellbeing support are some of the key benefits that staff would prefer their employers to focus on.

How can businesses attract a diverse range of candidates for health economics job vacancies? 

Organisations can benefit hugely from recruiting more diverse candidates, as a varied workforce will bring a greater range of perspectives and potential solutions. Offering flexible working arrangements is a good opportunity for businesses to attract a diverse range of candidates, and we often recommend employers consider widening the net to include fully remote professionals.

What can organisations do to improve employee retention within health economics roles?

In order to retain staff, organisations need to make sure that they are providing job security, competitive salary and benefits packages, and scope for career progression. In a candidate-short market, with 69% of employers predicting higher competition for sought-after candidates in the next 12 months, companies need to prioritise employee retention.

How can I provide upskilling services to health economics professionals at my organisation?

Investing in an e-learning service, or researching the free programmes available to your business, is a great way to upskill your employees. Hays Thrive is a readily available training platform that can be customised according to your company’s learning and development needs.

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