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Your transmission distribution recruitment questions, answered

What skills should employers look for when recruiting for transmission planning engineering roles?

Employers should look for candidates with a background in electrical engineering, in addition to strong computer skills, when recruiting for transmission planning engineering roles. However, soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills are also essential to take into account, especially as recruitment trends show that nearly all engineering employers have experienced skills shortages in the past year.

What are the essential competencies employers should look for in distribution engineer candidates?

Some of the essential competencies that employers should look for in distribution engineering candidates are collaboration, communication, adaptability, and flexibility. Research shows that these soft skills are in high demand, so it's vital to look out for them alongside the engineering and technical skills required for distribution engineering roles.

What opportunities for upskilling can employers provide for their transmission engineers?

Employers can upskill transmission engineers through the introduction of learning and development programmes and tools. With training platforms, like Hays Thrive, companies can tailor training programmes to fit their learning needs.

How can engineering transmission agencies attract more diverse candidates when hiring transmission engineers?

Engineering transmission agencies that offer roles within companies with clear and comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) strategies and that provide flexible working options will attract more diverse candidates. Diversity can help engineering organisations to thrive, through the variety of experiences and insights that people from different cultures and backgrounds can bring to a workplace.

How can companies improve the retention of distribution engineers?

In order to retain distribution engineers, companies need to make sure that they are providing competitive salary and benefits packages and scope for future progression. With the high competition for engineering and manufacturing talent, it is essential that organisations prioritise this. Find out more about improving employee morale and retention rates.

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