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How to innovate your recruitment process

In today’s digital age, employers need to adopt a more sophisticated and innovative approach to talent acquisition. Hays has developed Digital Solutions, a suite of candidate attraction techniques, to help you find the right candidates and showcase your employer brand.

By leveraging your employer brand and launching a digital recruitment campaign targeting our connections, we can ensure your opportunities stand out to thousands of online jobseekers.

Our solutions are designed to help you:

  • speed up the recruitment process
  • reduce your costs
  • target an elusive pool of specialists
  • source a high volume of temporary hires.

Whatever it is you need to achieve, we can build a flexible and responsive campaign that will deliver against even the most demanding of recruitment objectives.
We utilise a range of online advertising channels to increase your profile and drive traffic to a dedicated, smartphone and tablet enabled microsite. With our two core offerings – Digital Plus and Digital Premium – we have an effective solution to suit your requirements.

From job board advertising and social media, to optimising our content for the best SEO, we utilise best practice in online resourcing.

Targeted talent attraction 

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Here below are some examples of employers we have recently worked with, which include industry leaders and major retailers such as Uniqlo.


Digital Solutions Enquiries 

Digital Solutions case studies