The 10 highest construction and property salary increases for the year ahead 

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10 highest construction and property salary increases

Pay rises have shown no sign of slowing down in the construction and property industry, with our data showing that 81% of employers increased their employees’ salaries in the last 12 months – on a par with the year before. With 93% of employers experiencing skill shortages – which have only slightly lessened since last year (95%) – competitive remuneration remains an important talent attraction method in a tight hiring market.

In our UK Salary & Recruiting Trends 2024 guide, we received insights from over 1,600 employers and employees in construction and property, offering an exclusive window into the industry’s salary trends, recruitment challenges, and other key market insights.

Our latest research gives rise to three crucial questions:

  • Which construction and property roles are paid the most?
  • Will salary inflation continue?
  • What’s driving salary increases across the industry?


Certain construction professionals see above-average pay increases

Pay across the construction and property industry rose by 2.9% – lower than the UK-wide average of 3.5% – but in-demand professions and candidates with certain technical skills have received some noticeably higher salary increases. 

A number of social housing and facilities management roles have seen a sharp pay rise in an effort to lure more candidates into the field, while certain design professionals and surveying specialists are also seeing above average pay increases in a tightly fought hiring space.



Construction salaries continue to climb

Salary growth looks set to continue over the coming year, with 71% of employers planning on increasing their employees’ salaries, according to our survey data. Although a slightly lower figure compared to last year (75%), organisations clearly recognise the pulling power of a competitive wage – especially in the current economic climate, where even a modest pay rise could make a marked difference.

However, our research suggests that employers are also acknowledging candidates’ tendency to take a more holistic outlook when seeking new employment opportunities, and that not all are simply seeking the highest paid jobs.


Salaries rise in bid to secure talent and balance living costs

Ongoing cost-of-living concerns have influenced the industry’s salary momentum: almost three quarters (71%) of employers attributed salary increases to rising living costs, which continue to impact the daily lives of professionals and decisions surrounding their careers.

Economic concerns have proved an ongoing obstacle for the construction industry, with an increase in energy costs, building materials and labour hampering operational activity. Despite a challenging year though, improved consumer confidence and stabilising inflation levels point to a more positive outlook. 

However, construction firms looking to secure the talent they need to seize the opportunities ahead must first contend with a complex hiring market; one largely shaped by an ongoing cost-of living crisis and persistent skills shortages.


Employees scrutinise purpose and sustainability

When asked what they believe is most important when it comes to attracting candidates, 72% of our surveyed employers cited job security, acknowledging the greater desire for consistent work during a cost-of-living crisis. This was followed by an engaging and supportive team culture (48%) and tailored flexible working policies (46) – a priority that mirrored the responses of professionals.

Completing this wider picture is an organisation’s purpose, which over four in five professionals (84%) claim to be an important consideration when considering a new role, increasing from 81% the year prior. Additionally, three quarters of candidates (75%) claim a commitment to sustainability to be a significant factor when analysing a role’s suitability. 

With professionals being all too aware of the leading role construction plays in shaping a sustainable future, employers shouldn’t overlook their social impact and green credentials when shaping hiring plans for the year ahead.

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Gaelle Blake, Director of Permanent Appointments and Construction and Property, Hays UK&I

Gaelle Blake began working for Hays in 1999, joining our Construction and Property Division in London Victoria. Since then, she has held a variety of operational management roles across a variety of sectors, including setting up the Hays Career Transitions business in 2009. In 2018, Gaelle was appointed as UK&I Director for Permanent Appointments, and in July 2020 Gaelle was appointed as the UKI Director for Construction and Property, in addition to her role as UKI Director for Permanent Appointments.

Prior to joining Hays, Gaelle studied at both the Universities of Warwick and Bath, gaining an BA (Hons) and then an MSc in Management.

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