SME vs corporate accountancy

As a newly qualified accountant, your skills are in high demand across all industries and sectors. Before you make any decisions, it is very important to consider what type of organisation you want to work for.

You may be interested in pursuing a career in commerce and industry, and wondering how the work you carry out in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or medium-sized businesses (MSBs) would contrast to what you could expect in large companies and multinationals.

If you are considering a move into the blue-chip corporate environment, your options are many.

Within large and multinational companies, finance functions enjoy significant influence, often providing CEOs, CFOs and board executives the data-driven intelligence they need to make strategic decisions.

A career in a blue-chip organisation can provide:

  • a clear context in which to work
  • the opportunity to develop your networks and plot your career path
  • exposure to senior management and industry leaders
  • the chance to develop your role and reputation as a trusted business partner

In the largest organisations, many of these roles may also include an international remit – providing opportunities for travel, overseas secondments, or even relocations.

If you are an agile thinker with a proactive, hands-on approach you may enjoy a central role in a growing SME.

Many successful and fast-growing start-ups and small businesses are run by energetic, ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs who value the finance and business knowledge of like-minded professionals.

Working in an SME can give you:

  • a solid overview of the demands of growing a business
  • internal influence
  • genuine decision-making opportunities
  • the opportunity to see your ideas and recommendations actioned swiftly and decisively

Whether you are interested in working in an SME, or a large corporate multinational, a career in commerce and industry is a good way to grow your experiences and achieve your long-term ambitions.

If you are interested in learning more about an accountancy career in either an SME or a large company, please get in touch with your local recruitment expert.


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