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Finance manager and financial controller jobs 

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Our 300-plus team of specialist finance recruitment consultants have an extensive network of relationships with a variety of the UK’s leading financial employers. Combining our reach with leading market intelligence, we can help you make the most informed decisions possible when finding your next finance manager or financial controller role. 

Our specialist finance manager and financial controller job recruiters are hiring experts for financial controller, group financial controller, finance manager, group finance manager, head of financial accounting, head of management accounting, senior finance business partner, deputy finance director, finance director and CFO jobs and more - available on a temporary, interim, or permanent basis. 

Being more than just recruiters, but lifelong partners, we’ll provide continued investment in your financial career. Not only do we provide our candidates with expert career advice, but professional development opportunities to help you grow in your finance role.  

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The average salary for both a finance manager and a financial controller will depend on factors such as location, expertise and the size and complexity of the organisation you’re working for. 

A finance manager working in London could typically expect to earn from £75,000 per annum, while financial controllers are able to earn closer to £100,000 on average.  

See our in-depth Salary Guide for a full break down.

There are a variety of jobs you can explore if you are a finance manager or financial controller. Many of these involve progression within the finance function to take on wider group responsibilities, for example, a move into a group financial controller role or a career path to finance director or CFO. 

However, there are many other choices too – you could specialise in a functional area like tax and treasury and adding these skills to your portfolio, possibly studying for other professional qualifications with the tax and treasury institutes.  

Equally, there are routes into other commercial roles and more senior positions within commercial accounting, pricing, and financial planning and analysis. For some, the skills gained within a financial management or financial control role are the foundations for taking on roles in general management including path to managing director, general manager or chief executive officer.  Some example roles are chief executive officer, chief financial officer, commercial manager, finance director, general manager, group financial controller, head of tax and treasury, head of financial planning and analysis, head of pricing and managing director.  

Financial controllers and finance manager can earn similar incomes, but a financial controller will usually attract a higher salary due to the increased responsibility and complexity of the role. In many organisations a finance manager will report to a financial controller.

Finance managers and controllers are responsible for the financial condition of their organisations. While the roles are similar, finance managers are usually involved in the management (hence the title) of the company’s finances, while controllers focus more on the technical accounting and reporting side of business.