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The qualifications which are awarded by British accountancy bodies are both recognised and respected throughout the world, by employers of all sizes, in industry and professional services.

Overseas opportunities can mostly be found in industrialised economies, tax havens and financial centres.

Overseas destinations can provide a rich variety of options for newly and recently qualified accountants looking to add an international dimension to their careers.

With emerging economies continuing to increase their portion of global GDP in the coming years, the number of opportunities overseas for UK-trained finance professionals will continue to rise.

The benefits of working abroad include:

  • With flatter hierarchies, you will be exposed to earlier responsibilities and swifter promotion prospects.
  • You will be able to work alongside both management and clients of much more senior levels than is typically the case in the UK.
  • Gaining valuable international experience will enhance your CV and distinguish you from your peers upon your return to the UK or elsewhere in the world.
  • The opportunity to travel to dynamic and emerging cities, experience new cultures and enjoy different lifestyles is invaluable.
  • You will be able to build a global network of fellow expatriates who you have met or worked with overseas, and who may be in a position to hire or recommend you at a later date.

Relocation requires careful thought, preparation and commitment – but the vast majority of finance professionals who move internationally say they have never regretted it.

Those who use their UK accounting qualification as a passport to overseas opportunities typically report a positive impact upon their careers, lifestyle, cultural awareness and personal development.

With over 250 offices in 33 countries, Hays has the breadth of coverage and expertise to help you progress your career, wherever in the world you want to work.

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