Planning transformation & managing resource

The IT Projects and Change Report discovers how customer demand is driving business transformation, showing that over one third of organisations lack the resources to deliver them.

This report offers:

  • Insight from top industry leaders who discuss how they have tackled the resourcing challenges.
  • The Project Management Institute also discusses how they have tried to combat this issue.
  • Up-to-date research into the rapidly changing world of IT, the challenges and a look at what could happen if the issues remain unresolved.
Our survey of almost 800 senior IT professionals found that while large organisations are focused on business transformation, smaller organisations are concentrating their efforts on gaining competitive advantage through new product development.

Here are some key findings:

  • Resource shortages threaten business growth and the ability to react to security threats.
  • Top IT priority is business transformation (for 36% of senior IT professionals), followed by cloud (34%) and new product development (30%).
  • Over one third (39%) of organisations do not have the resources to deliver these priorities. 37% of these lack the budget to increase headcount to secure this resource.
These findings can help you make the decisions you need to ensure you have the right teams in place to help transform your organisation. 

Download the full report for more insight:

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