Writing offer letters: Download your guide

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Secure your candidate’s job acceptance with a well-worded offer letter. Download our Talent Guide now for more insights. 


What do I need to know about writing offering letters? 

You’ve finally finished the recruitment process and now all you need to do is write a well-worded offer letter.  

Our tips are: 

Avoid standard letters - Be personal to your candidate and make them feel special.  

Act now – Don't waste time, write and dispatch the offer letter straight away. 

Selling the offer - Remind the candidate of all the appealing things your job and organisation offers.  

Ultimately, the offer letter may be what the candidate needs to make the final decision to join your organisation. It is also the chance to overcome any counter offers that their current organisation is offering. 

Access our Talent Guide today to discover what to include to secure your candidate’s acceptance. 


Our Experience in writing offering letters 

Our years of expertise will offer you insightful guidance in writing an offer letter. We provide detailed steps to meet your recruitment objectives – download your free Talent Guide today.


Standout points from Hays Talent Guide 

Here’s a preview of how to perfect your letter and secure hiring your ideal employee: 

Be original by avoiding using a standard template as it runs the risk of coming across as lazy 

Act now by writing up a positive job offer, to dispatch straight away as it can make a world of difference 

Sell the offer by highlighting the most attractive parts of the job  

Include a personal touch by inviting them to meet the team  

Download our Talent Guide and start writing your offer letter today to secure your ideal employee.


What does this mean for my business? 

Our guide has all you need to know including: 

  • Securing acceptance from your candidate 
  • Perfecting your offer letter 
  • Selling your organisation


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