Motivating your staff and improving employee retention: Download your guide

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In a talent-short market, ensure your team members feel engaged in their respective roles and empowered to achieve their best with our free Developing Loyalty Guide


How to motivate your staff 

Against the backdrop of increased employee churn rates and lower engagement rates over recent years, there has never been a more crucial time for businesses to take a deep dive into employee retention strategies and explore new ways to keep staff motivated.  

Improving staff engagement has clear benefits for a company’s culture and brand image, but it’s also important for business performance. Motivated employees are more likely to perform to a higher standard, which subsequently has a positive impact on business results. Hiring new employees can be expensive – with recruitment fees and training and onboarding costs – so if you have talented employees then you’ll want to make sure they feel valued and stick around. 

We can help you motivate staff using our expert advice, based on over 50 years of experience in the recruitment and talent management space. In our Developing Loyalty Guide, we detail best practices for improving staff retention and motivating your employees to achieve their best. Our guide also touches on top tips for conducting performance reviews to ensure employees feel recognised and rewarded for their efforts.


Our experience in improving employee retention 

With our network of 93 offices around the UK and thousands of experienced consultants, we are best placed as your leadership partner to guide your organisation through present and future talent management challenges. Our industry insights and expert advice will help you motivate and retain talent in your organisation, so you can continue to deliver on your business objectives - download your free Developing Loyalty Guide today. 


Standout points from the Developing Loyalty Guide 

Here are a few ways to cultivate an engaging work environment in which your employees feel motivated to deliver on your organisational goals: 

  • Challenge your employees by creating a tailored and detailed career progression plan 
  • Create healthy competition by setting team challenges, in addition to individual targets 
  • Deliver negative feedback in a constructive way and adapt your approach according to each employee’s communication style 
  • Share information and establish an open relationship with your team 

Download your copy of the Developing Loyalty Guide to discover more ways to improve employee engagement and successfully motivate your team. 


What does this mean for my business? 

The Developing Loyalty Guide will inform you how to: 

  • Motivate your team to achieve their best and meet business objectives 
  • Encourage ambition among your team 
  • Foster an open culture in which employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns 
  • Retain top talent within your organisation 

Download your free Developing Loyalty Guide and take a look at our permanent recruitment services.  


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