How can transition services help your employees through changing times?

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how can transition services help your employees

You may be understandably concerned about the effect that restructuring or redundancies might have on the wellbeing of your affected employees, as well as wider morale and productivity, which is where outsourcing transition support may be of help to you. If your organisation is going through restructuring or redundancies, partnering with Hays Career Transition Services will give you access to high-quality, tailored modular outplacement support that delivers positive outcomes and provides value for money.

Here are just a few reasons why outsourcing outplacement support could be the right decision for you:


1. You’re providing your workforce with much needed support

Doing the right thing by your employees is perhaps the most important reason to consider making use of outplacement services. With any big change such as redundancy, and in the current climate in particular, your staff are likely to feel a mixture of emotions including shock, worry and anger. By providing guidance and support you are demonstrating your acknowledgment of the way they might be feeling as individuals and taking into account what they need during this time.


2. It ensures a smoother transition

By acting pre-emptively and engaging an outplacement support partner in plenty of time, you are creating a much smoother transition both for you and your workforce. Acting early will give the provider an opportunity to act as a true consultant to your business, and allow them to map out a tailored programme that takes into account the unique nature and purpose of your organisation and its workforce. Outplacement support should be something that is made available from the start of any restructuring or redundancy process, whether your organisation is public, private or third sector.


3. It helps employees find a follow up role

The desired outcome of engaging an outplacement support provider is, of course, to help departing employees secure a new role and minimise disruption to their lives as far as possible. Partnering with Hays Career Transition Services offers you access to extensive consultative support and coaching to help those employees going through redundancy find a new job. Part of our process is to help professionals to recognise the skills they’ve gained over the course of their career and how they market these to prospective employers. Of course, for some professionals, their career trajectory may look a little different, and they may be working towards retirement, for example, or looking to start their own business. Our services help professionals make their next steps, whatever they may be.


4. It provides a space for your employees to speak honestly about their experiences

Communication between the outplacement support partner and the individual is always confidential, leading to constructive and honest conversations and outcomes that are often not possible if conducted by the organisation itself, which in turn improves morale amongst your workforce. Where an outplacement provider can help is to essentially act as a partner to your organisation and an extension of your HR team, collecting feedback and providing reassurance and support to the individuals they are working with, and consulting with your organisation about how to help you improve processes for the future.


5. It attracts good calibre employees and helps retain existing staff

If your existing staff are witness to the dedicated support you are providing to the employees being outplaced, you are more likely to see an improvement in morale and productivity. Similarly, prospective employees are far more likely to see you as an ‘employer of choice’ and be inclined to take on a role at your organisation if they see the kind of support you provide to your staff all the way through the employee lifecycle.

Partnering with Hays Career Transition Services provides you with a range of outplacement support services including:

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Executive coaching
  • E-career skills

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