Why you should tailor your outplacement support to deliver the best outcomes for employees

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Learn why you should tailor your outplacement support for employees after redundancy or job loss. Charlotte Forsyth, Business Director, Hays Career Transition Services, has the latest insights.


Outplacement support: Key insights

A volatile economy and the rise in the cost of living means many businesses are looking to restructure and implement redundancies to help them stay afloat.

Sadly, it is possible that, as an employer, you may have to implement a redundancy or restructuring process at your organisation in the coming months. If that happens, it’s crucial to offer your employees support. Each individual is unique, so remember that:

  • Each employee will have varying future plans
  • Some will want a career plan
  • Workers will often find the process very difficult
  • For some, a job loss can shape the rest of their lives.

So, how can your outplacement support help?


Outplacement support: Background

Outplacement support helps employees during difficult times. You may be concerned about the practicalities of implementing such a programme. Job loss can have strong effects on the well-being of your affected employees. Many companies choose to outsource their transition support for this reason. 

Whatever your plan, it is important to remember that what a successful outcome constitutes will vary depending on the individual. Each employee is unique. Here are just a few ways in which tailoring your outplacement support can help your employees make the best of the situation:

1. Personal objectives and ambitions may vary

Many of the professionals going through redundancy will want to secure a new role that is similar to the one they are departing from. An outplacement support provider will use CV workshops and interview coaching sessions to help them with this.

Some employees, however, may see redundancy as an opportunity to take their career in a different direction. Some might want to work in a different sector, take on a part-time role, or even start their own business. Try to provide a tailored, consultative approach to outplacement support that gives professionals the resources to achieve their unique goals.

2. Some will want to form longer-term plans, and others shorter-term

Including both short and long-term career planning when providing outplacement support can help professionals identify what is realistic. Some might want an immediate career move, while others can formulate a strategy for their long-term future. An outplacement support partner with extensive job market experience can help all employees plan.

3. Individual concerns can be acknowledged, and solutions found

In a difficult time, employees need space to speak openly and honestly. You can help them to acknowledge the barriers that they see to achieving their goals. 

They might be asking themselves questions such as ‘Is it realistic for me to change careers now?’, or ‘Do I have the skills required to do this job well?’ Once these concerns have been acknowledged, your outplacement support partner can help them to identify solutions.

4. Employees can re-evaluate what they’re passionate about

For some of those professionals going through redundancy, this will be a chance to really re-evaluate what motivates and energises them. Good outplacement support can help them make the right career decision. 

Outplacement support providers use individual coaching to support employees. It’s essential to identify what each person finds inspiring. What are their values and interests? This can help them determine the next steps for their professional development.


Outplacement support: Next steps for your business

In such difficult times, many companies turn to experienced outplacement support. They can provide guidance for employees and vital resources for your company.

If your organisation is going through restructuring or redundancies, then partnering with Hays Career Transition Services can give you access to high-quality outplacement support.


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