Rewarding jobs in secondary teaching in the UK

If you’re a secondary school teacher, we’re here to take your career to the next stage.

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Rewarding jobs in secondary teaching in the UK

If you’re a secondary school teacher, we’re here to take your career to the next stage.

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Our recruitment experience in secondary education jobs

 With an expansive school network and expertise in education, we offer a bespoke career service for secondary teachers of all levels and ambitions.

Secondary school teaching is a challenging yet highly rewarding vocation with plenty of prospects for promotion and exciting responsibilities. In the current education sector, classroom teachers are in high-demand – particularly if you teach a core subject or are a SEND specialist.   

Whether you’re looking to teach in a small secondary school, or for a large multi academy trust (MAT), we offer daily supply, long term and permanent positions, matching your specific career needs.  

No matter what type of school environment you want to teach in, we speak the language of teachers and understand the decisions and opportunities they face, providing ongoing careers support to scaffold your secondary school teaching journey.  

Enjoy access to a free suite of online CPD training courses to support your career in education – all accessible from the seamless Hays app. The courses cover a multitude of relevant topics – from de-escalation techniques to SEND training – helping you keep up to date with education legislation and compliance, whilst also advancing your skills and knowledge. And for education professionals looking to quickly access the latest roles on the go, the Hays app has everything you need to find the right opportunity in education for you. 

With a deep understanding of the education sector and secondary teachers’ needs, we can become your lifelong partner in an essential and rewarding career. 

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Secondary teaching schools we work with

Our close partnerships with local authorities and respected secondary schools enable us to offer the best jobs available, whether they be on a part-time or full-time basis. No matter your location, we can match you with an opportunity near you.  

Working with hundreds of institutions across the UK we offer secondary teacher roles for almost every subject, including English, maths, science, geography, design and technology, and MFL. And with our extensive network of MATs, we offer job opportunities where you can broaden your professional development across multiple schools. 

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To work as a secondary teacher you need to gain QTS in England and Wales, or a TQ if teaching in Scotland. 

If you already have a degree, there are two common paths to becoming a qualified teacher.  

  • One of the most common ways to gain QTS is the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), which can be completed at a university or a school-led training programme.  
  • You can also take up a salaried teacher training position. For example, Schools Direct lets graduates become part of a school team from day one, supplemented by university teaching. If your degree classification is 2:1 or above, Teach First lets you work in low-income communities as part of a two-year training programme, which leads to a fully funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leadership. 

The skills secondary teachers need have grown in recent years, with their responsibilities having increased in many respects. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but important attributes for secondary teachers include:  

  • A respect for pupils and their different needs 
  • Excellent communications skills 
  • Resilience and dedication 
  • The ability to self-reflect 
  • Strong subject knowledge  
  • An awareness of the wider picture 
  • Sound judgement.