Exam officer jobs in the UK

Our expansive school network and expertise in education makes us your best choice when finding your next exam officer position.

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Exam officer jobs in the UK

Our expansive school network and expertise in education makes us your best choice when finding your next exam officer position.

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Our recruitment experience in education and exam officer jobs

Schools need professionals who can keep busy exam periods – and their preparation throughout the year – running smoothly and problem-free. Your organisation, planning and enthusiasm is vital in ensuring students are given the best chance possible to succeed. If you’re looking for your next post, either as a new exams officer or an experienced professional familiar with running exam teams, we’ll make sure your attributes don’t go unnoticed. 

Whether you’re seeking daily supply, long term or permanent positions, we have the post for you. Our all-encompassing position in the education sector means we can give you access to the latest jobs, always tailored around your personal requirements. 

And as your lifelong partner, we can provide ongoing careers support, expert insights and networking opportunities – not just during the exam period, but all year round. You can access a free suite of online CPD training courses to support your career in education – all accessible from the seamless Hays app. The courses cover a multitude of relevant topics – from de-escalation techniques to SEND training – helping you keep up to date with education legislation and compliance, whilst also advancing your skills and knowledge. 

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Alternatively, explore other career paths in education – from classroom roles to support jobs. 


Academic institutions we recruit for 

Our close partnerships with local authorities and thousands of schools enable us to offer the best exam officer postings available, whether they be on a part-time or full-time basis.  

We work with thousands of institutions – including an extensive network of academies and MATs – giving you superior choice and opportunities for personal growth development and career progression. You’ll find exam officer jobs available across the country, including locations like London, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham. The institutions we work with are equally diverse, looking to hire exam officers of all disciplines and seniority levels. 

You can receive expert guidance team from our 200-strong team of specialist consultants, who work with thousands of schools across the UK


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Exams officers hold a number of important responsibilities when organising internal and external examinations, with many of these duties falling outside the exam hall. 

For example, you must ensure that exam periods are administratively sound, with a planned calendar detailing dates, times and locations. It will also be up to you to recruit invigilators and provide them training in advance. 

You may also need to liaise with exam boards and school leadership teams, as well as SEN professionals to support candidates with special needs. 

There’s a good chance that there are exam officer positions near you. You can use our live database to search for the latest vacancies nearby your location.