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Demand for data scientists with the right skills, curiosity and talent to create and manage complex data models has skyrocketed. When used effectively, data can transform businesses, improve decision making, accelerate innovation, improve the customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

But, in order to make this happen, businesses need the right people. Experts who can convert raw, unstructured data and who can turn Big Data into meaningful insights, fast, are highly sought-after. Let us help you to discover the opportunities.

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Almost all organisations are looking at how they can better use data to power their growth. And we’re here to support you in finding the right organisation for you. If you’re a data scientist or a talented data analyst with the skills to match your ambitions, we’ll give you access to data science roles that nobody else has.

Work with us and you’ll get an expert, lifelong career partner who will help assess your options, listen to your feedback and who will secure your next role quickly. Being in-demand provides you with the opportunities, and we can help you to capitalise on them.

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Your data science questions, answered

What is the typical salary for a data science job?

Advanced data scientists are in very high demand and can command up to 6-figure salaries. Typical roles in London range from £60,000 to £90,000 per annum, for example, but can be as high as £120,000 depending on scope of role and the size of the organisation.
Contract rates vary greatly depending on role requirement and experience of the contractor, but a typical London day rate can begin at £500 per day.

What qualifications do I need to apply for a data scientist job?

A data science degree is obviously useful, however, provable experience and a commitment to lifelong-learning are increasingly just as – or even more – important to employers. While many data scientists have experience as data analysts or statisticians, others may have backgrounds in business or economics.
These professionals should show they are dedicated to developing their technical skillsets around data visualisation and reporting, statistics and machine learning, coding languages like Python and database management, by taking undertaking self-learning courses from reputable industry bodies.

What skills does a data scientist need to have?

Data visualisation and reporting are a must, as are strong communication skills – you will be required to present and discuss data and need to be able to accurately and clearly explain your findings and recommendations to both technical and non-technical professionals. You will also need to have an analytical mind, statistical skills and the ability to spot trends.
You should stay on top of the latest advances in data science – machine learning, AI and automation – assess how these can enhance and improve your current role, and secure buy-in and investment for new systems and software where necessary.

Are data and analytics professionals in high demand?

Absolutely. Data is powering the world around us and is now an essential part of growth plans across most industries and functions, including marketing, R&D and the development of new technology. Almost all organisations have a need for optimised data, and most mid-sized to large organisations require in-house data professionals, as well as smaller organisations that are data-centric.

What does career progression look like for a data scientist?

For an ambitious and skilled data scientist, the sky’s the limit. You can move-up the career ladder to more senior positions such as lead or chief data scientist, which will involve the management and leadership of other data scientists as well as interactions with other senior leaders and stakeholders.
Beyond that, if data is an integral part of an organisation’s business strategy, C-Suite positions are possible.

What data scientist roles are available?

If you have a passion for wrangling and analysing data, you’ll find our selection of roles very exciting. Whether you want to land a role in an established company or want to try and make a difference to an exciting start-up organisation, we have a selection of positions available within this innovative industry, such as senior data scientist, data analyst and data engineer for both full-time staff and contractors. Speak to one of our experts today to discover our latest opportunities.