Technology change manager jobs in the UK

Our expansive employer network will give you the edge when securing a role in tech change management.

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Technology change manager jobs in the UK

Our expansive employer network will give you the edge when securing a role in tech change management.

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Our recruitment experience in technology change manager jobs

The world of tech is constantly evolving. New software rollouts, system integrations, regulatory changes, launching MVPs, overhauling digital strategies... From multinational enterprises to ambitious start-ups and scale-ups, change management professionals are needed right now to orchestrate these transitions. This view is supported in our most recent Salary Guide, which revealed that 84% of employers were planning to recruit tech talent this year. 

Are you an experienced change manager, trained in Agile methodologies, plus skilled in securing stakeholder buy-in and user adoption of new initiatives? If so, you’re in demand. 

We’ll work with our expansive employer network to identify technology change management roles where you can flex your digital skills. And, we’ll help you to develop these skills by giving you access to top-class training and tech industry insights.  

As a change manager, you know how important good communication is, so we’ll keep you updated and supported every step of the way. Our unrivalled career support is what makes us more than just a recruiter, but your lifelong partner in tech and beyond. 

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Technology change management employers we work with

We’re no strangers to the world of tech. Whatever industry, sector, or organisation size you want to work in, we’ll connect you with exceptional opportunities in technology change management.  

The tech-driven employers we work with span across the country, meaning you could find a technology change management role in locations such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff, or Bristol. No matter your location, we can help make change happen for you, too.  

Get in contact with one of our consultants today to find the tech change management role right for you. 


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Demand for both contractor and permanent change managers is at an all-time high. The huge number of digital transformation and change projects taking place in organisations of all sizes and industries have driven demand for both contractor and permanent roles. 

This means it is a great time for you to think about your next career steps in an exciting, and potentially lucrative, profession. 

Salaries for technology change managers will depend on location, industry and experience. Change manager salaries tend to start at around £50,000 per annum, increasing to £90,000 if you are working in London. Remuneration can exceed £100,000 as a head of change, or similarly senior role. 

An experienced change manager contractor can typically expect around £575 per day, with this figure steeply rising as a head of change.