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Do you know how to find the right candidates? Download your free copy of the Hays Talent Guide to learn how.


What do I need to know about finding the right candidates?

Finding the right candidates for a job opening can be challenging. You not only have to find applicants, but you then need to narrow the list down – by assessing CVs and creating interview questions. 

In many cases, the lists of candidates might be too long or too short. In others, you can find yourself evaluating CVs that just don’t fit the role.

To find ideal candidates, you should first focus on your open position. What are the demands of the job? What sort of person would fit this role? Are there any particular skills, attributes, or qualifications that you’re looking for?

Then, using this information, you can create clear information that helps you target suitable candidates. 

Using our Hays Talent Guide, you can build a robust job and person specification that will attract the right candidates.

Access your copy of the complete Hays Talent Guide here.


Our experience in finding the right candidates

At Hays, we’ve helped businesses find the right candidates for over 50 years. Each day, we use that experience to place more than 100 candidates into permanent job roles.  

With our Hays Talent Guide, you’ll discover some of the key tools used in finding ideal candidates. 

You’ll see how a clear job specification gives candidates the information they need – and how a tailored person specification attracts suitable candidates for each role.

Download your copy of the Hays Talent Guide today to learn more.


Standout points from the Hays Talent Guide

Many employers make the mistake of advertising a vague-sounding job, with the intention of seeing ‘who turns up’.

This invariably leads to time being lost sifting through irrelevant applications or interviewing candidates who, when confronted with the reality of the position, discover the role is not for them after all.

To find your ideal employee, you first need to identify your specific needs and wants.

You will then need to articulate this into a clear job and person specification.

You’ll create:

  • A job specification that describes the vacancy, including the responsibilities and goals of the post-holder
  • A person specification that profiles the individual you think would fit your culture and requirements, including any specific skills or attributes.

In your copy of the Hays Talent Guide, you’ll find detailed information on creating these specifications. With this structure, you’ll attract applicants that are suited to your role.

The specifications you prepare will also help you evaluate CVs quickly and efficiently. From them, you can create a list of pertinent questions ready for interviews. 

For detailed information on creating both your job specification and person specification, download your copy of the Hays Talent Guide today.


What does this mean for my business?

The Hays Talent Guide will help you:

  • Create clear job and person specifications
  • Demonstrate the exact skills and experience needed for your position
  • Save time evaluating CVs, creating questions, and interviewing candidates
  • Attract the right talent to your role

Download your free copy of the Hays Talent Guide or check our Permanent Recruitment services.


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