Asset management jobs in the UK

For asset management professionals looking to advance their career, we’ve got roles to help you do just that.

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Asset management jobs in the UK

For asset management professionals looking to advance their career, we’ve got roles to help you do just that.

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Our recruitment experience in asset management jobs

With our vast employer network and specialist expertise, we’re best placed to help you drive your asset management career forward.  

We can help advance your career in asset management with our deep industry understanding of financial technologies, trends and the wider business world. Our bespoke approach to recruiting for asset management roles means that we can find a role tailored to you. Our specialist consultants recruit for asset operations management roles, as well as fund management and asset management research roles. 

Asset management encompasses a range of roles and responsibilities. The complexity of the roles has only grown with new technologies that automate processes, aid analytics and redefine the harvesting of data. With innovation occurring at such a breakneck speed, there has never been a more exciting time to be an asset management professional.

Wherever you are in your asset management journey, we’ll work together to understand what’s most important to you in the here and now. We centre our services around your current and future career needs, and this is what makes us your lifelong partner.

Take a look at our extensive choice of asset management roles. 


Asset management employers we work with

Along with our broad spectrum of job profiles, we also have an unrivalled track record of recruiting the right people for our clients at all levels. 

Our client base includes top-tier asset management houses, global and boutique hedge funds, global custodians and private equity houses.


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Asset management can be a very lucrative profession, with the average annual salary sitting somewhere in the £50,000 region. This will of course differ depending on your location, expertise, responsibilities and the type of firm you are working for.

For senior-level asset managers working for top firms, renumeration can easily reach six-figures.

Technically, there are no qualifications barring you from a career in asset management. However, most firms and organisations will expect you to have either a graduate or postgraduate degree in finance, or another relevant subject. Regardless of your education, it will be imperative to have a strong mathematical understanding. For example, you will almost certainly need to be well-versed in Excel, or a more specific asset management software. 

For those looking to move the career ladder, certain soft skills – such as interpersonal and managerial talent – will also be an important asset. When networking, managing large portfolios and ultimately making tough decisions, you will need more than just a theoretical understanding of financial data. 

Currently, some of the largest asset management firms include BlackRock, The Vanguard Group, UBS, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. However, you do not need to work for one of these names to enjoy a very fulfilling – and potentially lucrative – career in asset management.