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If you’re skilled in Salesforce, you’ll be in demand from forward-looking employers who want to better connect with their customers. ​​​We can help you to leverage this demand for your CRM expertise by using our decades of experience in matching people to the right role, plus our world-class networks and exclusive relationships with thousands of employers to find you the position that’s just right for you.

Whether you’re looking to help a start-up become a unicorn or want to make waves in a multinational corporate enterprise, we can get you there.

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What do you really want from a new Salesforce role? Understanding your passions and ambitions motivates us and we’ll combine this with our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce. We know what makes the ecosystem work: our whole team are well on their way to becoming Trailhead Rangers and we’re a trusted recruitment partner to Salesforce.

Not only does this give us access to roles you won’t find anywhere else, but it also means we’re the first to know about any new Salesforce products and , most importantly, the skills needed to power them.

We’ll help nurture your talent, whether that's through supporting your development or providing new opportunities, and support you through every step of your career.

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Your Salesforce questions, answered

Are Salesforce skills in demand?

Whether you’re just starting out or are highly experienced and looking for a new job, the predicted growth of Salesforce means plenty of opportunities, skills are in high demand and you can expect to be well rewarded.
Investment in the UK continues to be significant, with a report from IDC suggesting 144,000 new Salesforce jobs will be needed in the UK by 2025.

Should I look for a permanent or contract Salesforce job?

The Salesforce ecosystem is always changing, and innovation is its watchword. Recent years have seen Salesforce evolve its offering with a range of enhancements – Lightning Web Component, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Einstein Analytics to name a few.
Working within such an innovative ecosystem is rewarding, but for professionals does mean that continuous upskilling is crucial to stay ahead of the game. That’s why taking on varying contractor projects can provide you with valuable and diverse skillsets – keeping you ahead of the curve and highly employable.
Consider your options though. A permanent role provides you with benefits you wouldn’t have otherwise, including paid holiday, stability, a steady workflow, and time spent intensely working with a particular technology.
In Salesforce this could pay dividends, particularly in the more niche areas where skills and experience are harder to come by. The choice is yours – there are lots of jobs available, both as a contractor and as a permanent employee.

What skillsets are needed in Salesforce?

Each Salesforce product requires professionals with different skillsets. Salesforce Sales Cloud for instance requires experts familiar with operations and sales metrics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud needs experts in automation and digital marketing, and Salesforce Platform requires familiarity with app building.
Data and analytical skills as well as CRM experience are also useful for each of these.

Are Trailhead Badges and Salesforce Certifications important to have?

Experience is always valued, but for those looking for Salesforce System Administrator jobs or thinking about upskilling, Trailhead is a great place to start.
On the more formal side, Salesforce certifications are widely recognised by employers for all the Salesforce job families, and Hays provides plenty of sponsored training opportunities.
Want more details? Talk to us.

What trends are emerging in Salesforce in 2021?

Increased digital communication over the past year means a need for more synchronised remote collaboration. You’ll see a lot of this from Salesforce in the coming year, starting with the integration with communication tool Slack.
Salesforce AI tool Einstein is also expected to evolve significantly in how it can help companies make business decisions. The first AI for CRM, it can be integrated seamlessly into the Salesforce platform and is built to deliver marketing predictions and insights at scale.
Improved understanding of customer behaviour will also be achieved through the enhancement of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, which empowers companies to unite their sales, marketing, service and IT data on one integrated CRM platform.

How can I increase my Salesforce salary?

Certifications are definitely a route to progression, a better salary and they offer credibility. The online training framework Salesforce provides is first-class and can be entirely self-taught.
For extra experience you could consider reaching out to local not-for-profits or charities and volunteering your skills – this looks great on your CV, as does carving a niche in a certain industry, such as healthcare.
An understanding of a particular industry and the products that integrate into it well is invaluable, as well as knowledge of newer Salesforce products that fewer people are likely to have experience with, such as Einstein Analytics.

What Salesforce developer jobs are available?

There are some fantastic opportunities currently available for Salesforce developers, administrators and analysts, so if you have a passion for connecting businesses to their customers, now is your time to shine. Whether you want to work for a start-up or an established organisation, are seeking full-time hours or prefer part time, we have a variety of Salesforce developer contract jobs that are sure to meet your requirements. If you’re new to the industry, discover our junior Salesforce developer opportunities, while those with more experience can apply for Salesforce certified developer jobs. Plus, if you’ve adjusted to working from home, we also have remote positions available for Salesforce developers. Whatever you’re looking for, browse our latest opportunities and find the best fit for you.