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Intelligent automation is at the cutting-edge of technology – as it involves the creation of automated processes enhanced with cognitive technologies – such as robotic process automation, optical character recognition, natural language processing and machine learning. This new industry looks to revolutionise the working world and puts special emphasis on the practical applications of AI and its innate ability to make decisions based on learned experience, rather than hard coded instructions.

This is one of the most exciting areas in tech today, and talented staff like you are needed to make it a reality.

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Demand is skyrocketing for people with the data, CRM and development skills to thrive in intelligent automation. As a relatively new discipline, the supply of experienced staff is low, meaning lots of opportunity for people with related skillsets to upskill and grow into lucrative positions. Professionals in particular demand include: Programme Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers and Service Managers.

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Business Intelligence Reporting Leader/ Manager
Upto £50,000 pa dependant on presented experience
Senior Test Engineer
Competitive Salary
United Kingdom
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Your intelligent automation questions, answered

Are there lots of intelligent automation jobs available?

Definitely. Demand outstrips supply for people with the skills needed to succeed in an intelligent automation role. People with direct experience are rare, with Developers, Development Leads and Solution Architects particularly in demand.

What salary should I expect in intelligent automation?

Salaries vary widely depending on the role, location, and type of company. Typically, jobs in this space will pay roughly £5,000 more on average than the same job title in a role not focussed on intelligent automation.

What qualifications can increase my intelligent automation salary?

Certain vendor certifications are a requirement for developers in this space, including UiPath, Blue Prism or accreditations from Automation Anywhere. The industry however is relatively young, so if you’ve got the aptitude for learning, you could find yourself able to grow your skills – and salary – quickly.

Is AI a key part of intelligent automation?

In short, yes. Intelligent automation incorporates different forms of automation technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), business process management (BPM), and robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline making across entire organisations.

What industries are hiring intelligent automation professionals?

Intelligent automation will, before you know it, be integral to all sectors and industries – so watch this space. Employers are already hiring in accountancy and finance, marketing, logistics and the public sector.