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Understand the reforms to the IR35 legislation

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What is IR35?

Reforms to IR35 legislation, which came into force in April 2017 for the public sector, passed the responsibility for determining the tax status of all personal service company (PSC) interim workers to the hiring organisation, including potential liability for tax and national insurance contributions. In the Autumn 2018 budget, it was confirmed that the legislation would be extended to the private sector in April 2020, for large and medium-sized organisations.

The experience we have gained working with the public sector to mitigate potential risk from IR35 makes Hays the ideal partner to support and guide your recruitment strategies. 

IR35 in Construction & Property

IR35 in Construction & Property

This time next year, changes to IR35 legislation will be in effect for medium and large private sector organisations. If the April 2017 implementation of similar legislation in the public sector has taught us anything, it is that those organisations burying their heads in the sand and not adequately preparing will suffer the consequences.

Hays has successfully supported hundreds of public sector organisations in navigating the complex world of IR35 over the last 2 years, with a proven track record of minimising disruptions, keeping our clients’ businesses staffed and their projects on track. Our robust IR35 assessment solution ensures our clients are fully compliant with the reforms to the legislation while still accessing the best, most in-demand talent.

Register for our webinar now to discover how we can help ensure you manage the risks and costs, whilst still engaging highly sought after off-payroll workers.

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IR35 Countdown Calendar - Download your copy now

IR35 Countdown Calendar

Reforms to IR35 legislation are coming into effect for large and medium sized private sector organisations in April 2020. Failure to comply with the reforms could leave you open to extra expense, additional burden and exposure to risk.

We’ve prepared a countdown calendar, so you can see what you should be considering and when to prepare for the upcoming changes to IR35 legislation.

Download today to start preparing your organisation for the future.

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IR35 in the Private Sector Bitesize Webinar


Download our whitepaper

Reform to IR35 legislation has heavily impacted the public sector in 2017. With similar changes being extended to the private sector in 2020, private sector, download this whitepaper to find out what lessons you can learn and help you prepare. 

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How to navigate IR35: Webinar series

Watch our webinar series for all you need to know on IR35 tax legislation. These sessions will help those organisations hiring contractors to understand what the IR35 reforms are likely to be, who is responsible for what within an organisation, how to assess risk and how to retain access to skilled contractors.

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IR35 Solutions

Our experts have implemented solutions for both public and private sector organisations. If you would like to understand more on how to mitigate IR35 risks for your business, contact our team at

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