How to navigate IR35 watch our webinars

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How to navigate IR35 watch our webinars


With the introduction of updated IR35 tax legislation in the public sector in 2017 and its subsequent application to the private sector in April 2021, those hiring contractors may be impacted with high costs and unnecessary risk if they do not have the right processes in place.

Prior to the reforms coming into effect, we recorded a number of webinars to help you get equipped with the right knowledge to navigate the changes. Watch our webinars below for all you need to know on IR35 tax legislation. These sessions will help those organisations hiring contractors to understand what the IR35 reforms are, who is responsible for what within an organisation, how to assess risk and how to retain access to skilled contractors.

Webinar: Getting ready for IR35 reforms

As IR35 approached, our webinar features our guest speaker from leading employment law firm Travers Smith LLP to provide a recap of the reforms and how they affect you, insights into how organisations and contractors were reacting to the changes, and the steps you to consider in the lead up to the reforms.



IR35 in the Private Sector Bitesize Webinar

Want to learn the latest about changes to off-payroll working? Need to understand how payroll reform will mean change for your organisation across people, process and technology? Listen to our bitesize webinar to discover how we can help ensure you are not exposing yourself to unnecessary financial cost.

If you would like to find out more about IR35 in the Private Sector, please contact us at


IR35 Post-budget webinar

Listen to our webinar to hear what is set to change for the private sector, given the outcome from the budget announcement, and arm yourself with key information and the practical actions you can implement now to minimise the risk, cost and disruption to your organisation.

Our IR35 update is relevant to private sector employers whose workforce comprises of contractors operating outside of IR35, or to contractors themselves who are keen to understand how this legislation will affect them personally.


IR35: Who will be responsible for implementing IR35 reform within your organisation?

The challenges posed by IR35 reform bring together HR, procurement, finance, tax and legal experts as well as hirers in the quest for tax compliance and operational business readiness whilst retaining the ability to access sought after contractors in a highly competitive and skills scarce market.

Discover how public sector organisations set about implementing the reform through ensuring executive level understanding of the rules and the potential implications of different approaches that were used in the public sector.

IR35: How to assess your level of risk

Learn how to understand the scale of risk your organisation may be exposed to in relation to the implementation of IR35 reform into the private sector and consider the preparation you should undertake to ensure you are able to retain access to talent in a cost effective fashion.





IR35: How to arrive at an IR35 Status Determination

Listen to an overview of the key factors in determining IR35 status and, given the limitations of the HMRC CEST tool, where we consider how organisations can undertake IR35 status tests and mitigate risk through arriving at reliable outcomes.





IR35: How to retain access to skilled contractors?

From implementation of IR35 reform into the public sector we have seen that organisations that effectively implemented the reforms hold a significant competitive advantage in attracting highly sought after skilled contractors when compared to their peers who have not. Listen as we consider the different approaches organisations have undertaken and assess the best practice that positions organisations to attract and retain the best talent whilst achieving compliance to the rules.



IR35: Cost effective solutions to managing risk

Understanding and managing the implementation of IR35 reform doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. Listen to our webinar where we consider how organisations can mitigate potential cost and compliance risk through partnering with recruiting experts to achieve a competitive advantage in the drive to retain access to the best talent in the most cost effective ways.




Previous webinars

In the 2018 Autumn Budget, it was announced that changes to IR35 legislation will be extended to large and medium-sized organisations in the private sector from April 2020.

These legislation changes mean that the responsibility for determining whether or not an off-payroll worker falls in or out of IR35 is now with the hiring organisation, as is any liability for tax/NI contributions.

Private sector businesses who rely heavily on a non-permanent workforce should proceed immediately with plans to manage and implement the legislation; and public sector organisations will need to change their approach to deal with this as they continue to lose non-permanent talent to the private sector in the interim.

Watch our webinars to gain insight and advice on IR35.

IR35 Update: Private Sector Preparations

Watch our recent webinar to hear the lessons learned from the public sector and understand why the private sector must proceed with plans to manage and implement the change.






IR35 Update: Impact on the Public Sector

Listen as we provide public sector employers with critical insights into how the IR35 reform gap continues to impact talent attraction and retention across the public sector in the competition for talent.