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Some interview questions can be challenging to answer. Our downloadable guide will help you to prepare. Learn how to impress an employer, whatever questions they might throw at you. Download our full guide to making the best impression at your interview.


Highlights from our interview preparation guide

There are some interview questions that many people find challenging to answer. But the trick to a successful interview is not just about answering these questions - it’s also about understanding them.

Our guide is designed to help anyone who’s preparing for a job interview. We explain a tried and tested process for preparing your answers to difficult interview questions. It’s important to:

  • Have the right motives for your job search
  • Prepare your answers in advance
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the role.

We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide to help you consider the types of questions that might come up at interview. Topics might include:

  • Your general background. This is often the first interview question that comes up. Remember that interviewers will be trying to find out if you're a good fit. Elaborate on the main points in your CV to let your personality shine. 
  • Qualifications and experience. Your answers need to be clear and memorable. Frame your experience to explain how these skills are relevant to the potential employer.
  • Reasons for applying. Many interviewers will ask why you want a new role at this particular company. Consider a careful response and highlight why you’re the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Career objectives. Prepare to talk about your ambitions and long-term aspirations. Think about how your goals align with the development pathway at this company.
  • Competencies you’ve demonstrated in the past. More probing interviewers will ask questions about when you’ve put your skills into practice. Prepare short, snappy case studies for your interview.


How to access the guide to answering difficult questions

Simply fill in a few details within the form on this page to access a free PDF guide. You’ll gain immediate access to download, save, and print our expert guide. It’s an ideal resource to refer to when you’re preparing for your job interview.

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Why you should download our interview guide 

We know the common interview questions that most people dread.

“Why are you leaving your current role? ”
“How do you handle conflict with colleagues?”
“Tell me about your weaknesses.”

But there’s no need to fear these questions if you’re well prepared. 

At Hays, we know how nerve-racking preparing for difficult interview questions can be. That’s why our expert job hunters have prepared this guide. Our guide will walk you through the interview preparation process and help you to get ready for challenging questions. 


Our interview prep expertise

At Hays, we’re passionate about matching talented candidates with exciting career opportunities. And we know that interviews are the key to success. We’re here to help you convey your skills and competencies effectively to potential employers.

Our expert recruitment consultants are also on-hand to help you prepare for any interview scenario. Contact your local office to find out more.

You may also find it helpful to read our guide to carrying out employer research as part of your interview prep.


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