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All the courses in this category are focused on Productivity. Click into each course to find out more and begin your training.

Creativity and Originality

Much of project or people management is about finding creative solutions to problems and identifying the best course of action. This course in creativity and originality explores the power of the mind, strengthening your ability to think laterally and creatively to solve complex problems, thereby improving your productivity and career prospects.

60 minutes

Personal Organisation

For most people, personal organisation seems to have a considerable effect on general feelings and moods; you have good days and bad days. If you feel well organised you have a positive sense of well-being. You feel on top of your work and in control. This course will help you become a wizard of personal organisation, having lasting impact on your wellbeing and mental health - as well as your career outlook. 

60 minutes

Prioritisation in Problem Solving

A lot of training that teaches us how to prioritise focuses on workload or time, however most professionals will understand that this is not the only pressing need for prioritisation. Whether you're in the creative industry and regularly brainstorm ideas, or work in Business Improvement with potential solutions, knowing which is the best option is challenging. This is when prioritising is essential. During this course you'll learn the key skills you need to prioritise a list to select the best solution. You'll explore the way you currently select ideas or solutions, and identify the issues or problems involved. Perfect for anyone with an interest in Lean or improving processes or projects.

60 minutes

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