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All the courses in this category are focused on Problem Solving. Click into each course to find out more and begin your training.

Essentials - Personal Development - Problem Solving

Learn how to solve problems effectively in this comprehensive course. No matter what job you do, or how senior a position you hold, one thing is certain - you will regularly be confronted with problems that have to be solved. This course will enable you to use a combination of analytical and creative skills to solve problems using a simple step-by-step process, including how to use the creative thinking techniques of brainstorming, reversals, bug listing and herringbones in a problem solving context.

2 hours

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Are you constantly putting out fires? Does it seem as though problems always appear at the last minute or just before the weekend? In this course, you will learn strategic steps to prevent chaos and solve new or recurring problems. Through the use of application exercises and rich multimedia process, this course will increase your ability to think critically and solve problems effectively and in a timely manner. 

35 minutes

Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem-solving is about escaping the standard patterns that control thinking so that you can discover options that you previously could not see. In this course, we overview popular techniques to help generate creative ideas.

20 minutes 

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