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Compliance - Privacy Awareness

In today's workplace, the security of personal data is paramount. The aim of this module is to provide you with a high level summary of privacy legislation to ensure you are familiar with the key compliance requirements with which your company is required to comply. Along with providing a high level overview of other key laws relating to privacy.

30 minutes

Process Analysis and Documentation

The measure portion of the DMAIC methodology provides a Six Sigma team with the tools needed to focus the project on possible causes of problems and solutions to those causes. Find out about key process analysis techniques and documentation in this 60 minute course. 

1 hour

Bribery Awareness

This course looks at the law in relation to bribery. Under the Bribery Act 2010, there are heavy penalties for individuals and organisations who commit or allow bribery offences to occur. In this course, you will learn about offences under the act, methods of prevention, what to do if you are being bribed, and the consequences for those who participate in the act of paying or receiving a bribe.
15 minutes

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