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All the courses in this category are focused on Communications. Click into each course to find out more and begin your training.

Presentation Skills

Whether it's presenting to your peers or addressing a large audience, presentation skills are essential for effectively communicating your message. This course won't eliminate your nerves and anxieties surrounding presenting but it will teach you to manage them and focus your energy in a more productive direction. On completion, you will be confident in planning and structuring successful presentations and have honed your skills as a public speaker. 

36 minutes

Active Listening

Active listening is the key to effective communication. It is important to show the speaker that you are listening to them, and one way to do this is to use the S.O.L.E.R technique. We will explore this technique and the ways in which you can prepare for effective communication, as well as examining both the verbal and non-verbal signals of active listening.This course will help you in everyday interactions, interviews and in talking to your team. 

15 minutes

Communicating Under Pressure 

Communicating under pressure is an essential skill for all professionals if they expect to be able to manage difficult situations. How they handle the related conversations will determine how well they, their team, and organisation are able to move forward. In this course, we'll explore why people avoid difficult conversations, the importance of understanding your own emotional triggers, and reveal top tips on how to structure the conversation to ensure its success.

15 minutes

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