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All the courses in this category are focused on Coding and Programming. Click into each course to find out more and begin your training.
C# has become one of the most popular and versatile object-oriented programming languages designed to make software applications. Nowadays, many organisations are creating or upgrading their systems in Microsoft .Net technologies. Learning C# makes it easy for you to become a full-stack developer, and this course is the perfect guide if you're looking to start developing with C# 8 in four hours. 

4 hours

Due to the rapid adaptation of the cloud platform, the need for cloud certification has also increased. This course is your one stop solution, getting you from zero to certified. The main focus is on getting you Amazon Certified and building highly reliable and scalable applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

This course is for IT professionals and Solutions Architects looking to clear the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate 2017 exam. Developers looking to build scalable applications on AWS will also find this course useful as no prior AWS experience is needed.

3 hours
ASP. NET Core 3.0 is one of the fastest server-side web frameworks available. It provides developers with a robust, flexible, and efficient tool to build amazing web apps and services. This course is thoroughly practical, focusing on getting started with ASP. NET Core 3.0 and the .NET Core 3.0 framework and putting them into practice to build an amazing web application.

This course will teach you the essentials for getting started in ASP. NET Core 3.0. You will learn to take advantage of the various features of the framework and work with the well-known code editor, Visual Studio Code. By the end of the course, you will build your skills to meet the demands of modern-day application development and simplify modern back end web development with ASP. NET Core 3. 

3 hours 30 minutes 

This video course will enable you to build a realtime chat application using Angular 5, Angular CLI, Bootstrap 4 and Firebase. Perfect for anyone new to Angular or those with prior experience.

4 hours

A comprehensive but fast and friendly guide to using Angular 7. By creating your own components, you’ll learn to write robust and maintainable code for your applications.

This course is for web developers who want to get started with Angular and build their web application. A basic knowledge of JavaScript is required.

2 hours  

This course will guide you through the Simple Storage Service(S3), the Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Cloudfront and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Perfect for architects and application developers building applications on Amazon Web Services.

3 hours  

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