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All the courses in this category are focused on Change Management. Click into each course to find out more and begin your training.

Making the Change 

One of the biggest challenges a leader faces is leading change. This course looks at the seven characteristics of effective change agents and explores the decision making process. A force-field analysis will help you to uncover both the driving and restraining forces for change, and we will look at the importance of effective communication and active listening in the change management process. On completion, you should be better placed to approach change management in your organisation, or have expertise you need to interview for new roles involving change management.

15 minutes

Change Management 101

This interactive self-study learning course provides an introduction to change management. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it is the ideal starting point to begin building your change management skills. By completing Change Management 101 you will be able to articulate why it's important to build your change management skills, detail what good change management looks like, reflect on the skills you need to be effective at managing change, practice your change management skills and develop an action plan to take your change management learning further.

​​​​​60 minutes

Pathways - Managing Change - Leading Others Through Change

This course addresses the challenges of leading change. How the style the learner adopts and the way they communicate influences their effectiveness. How taking account of feelings and emotions is crucial, and why empowerment is important in implementing change. This is a vital course for any managers leading a team through change, and offers practical advice for leading by example, understanding others and communicating through change and more. The course takes you through several scenarios to help you develop action plans keeping in mind the eight-step approach to successful change. 

30 minutes

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