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Pathways - Business Skills - An Introduction To Report Writing

Report writing is often a necessary evil, this course will teach you to tackle them head on - recognise the different types of report and know what’s needed to create a high quality, useful report. In this 30 minute overview, you’ll discover all the basics of writing clear and easily understandable reports.

30 minutes

Developing Your Business Ethics

It's not always easy to decide between right and wrong at work. Making ethical decisions can help you to discern the right thing to do in difficult situations. You might think that business ethics are only an issue for upper management, but in fact, every employee should understand the importance of ethical decision making. In this course, you'll learn some common myths about business ethics. You'll learn about different approaches to ethics, the values and standards in a typical code of conduct, and how to develop your own code. You'll also learn ways to overcome obstacles to ethical behavior and steps for making ethical decisions.

26 minutes

Microsoft 365

Increase your productivity and improve your career prospects by mastering Office 365 today. Microsoft 365 is the subscription service that gives you all the latest Microsoft Office applications. It's packed with a full suite of Microsoft productivity tools, including old favourites like Excel, PowerPoint and Word, and more recent ones like Teams, Planner, Sway, and OneDrive. It's the go-to place for the modern worker. In this Microsoft 365 course, we focus on how to use this digital swiss army knife to ensure effortless, integrated collaboration across your business. This course is for people who are brand new to Microsoft 365 and those that are using it already but not unlocking its full potential.

The course is divided into distinct sections, with each section comprising of multiple modules.  Sections include: OneDrive for Business, Using Microsoft Productivity Apps (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote) in the Cloud, Outlook on the Web, Communicate Effectively with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Getting Started with Microsoft Analytics, Microsoft Planner, Stream, Sway and more. 

10 hours 30 minutes

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